I need all Midi message values for the VU meter which will be send by Traktor

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Hi NI support and all other members,

i need all Midi message values for the VU meter which will be send out by Traktor to map these correctly to my hardware controller.

Traktor is using the midi cc command: midi channel, midi purpose, midi value,

example: 0x01, cc 121, value (0-127),

I believe that every led has a range of values and i see 15 led's, there for i need the ranges or single values.

Thanky you for your support,

BR ranger930



  • Stevan
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    What controller do you use? Usually, the VU will react to 0-127 unless your controller is controlling each individual LED differently (Which is not common).

  • ranger930
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    Hi, i have build my own controller, and yes i know that the value range is 0-127.

    But this was not the question,

    led 1 is on, which value or perhaps will be send for this by Traktor, i tryd to find it out with a midi monitor, it looks like that this is not linear, NI has the answer.

    I am able to Programm every single led individually.

  • Stevan
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    Then you need to split the controller range value into 15 different ranges and use 15 different output commands (one per LED segment)

  • ranger930
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    This dose not work, because also the gain Poti has an effect to the VU Meter, if the gain Poti is on 50 percent the midi value which would be send by Traktor is 127 and 11 LEDs of 15 leds in Traktor are on, AS i wrote before this cannot not be linear, believe me i habe checked it

  • Stevan
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    It sounds like you need to reduce the headroom and also apply headroon to the vu meter.

    Also if you could upload your controller mappings then it would be easier to understand how things are configured. I am sending vu to multiple LEDs Traktor handles this fine.

  • ranger930
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    Hi, let me check the headroom settings, but not today, i will keep you up to date.

    br ranger930

  • ranger930
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    Hi Guys,

    regarding to Stevans comment below ( thank you for that ) i will try the following way:

    I understood it like this:
    I have 15 leds, I program them individually
    so that they don't glow or glow on note off or on,
    in traktor i create a midi mapping command for the first LED
    e.g.: Ch01.noteC#4,
    I duplicate this command 14 times and change the midi note,
    now i divide the available range(0-1) by 15(result:0.0666666666666667)
    for the first LED I then set the range as follows: 0 - 0.0666666666666667
    for the second LED I then set the range as follows: 0.0666666666666667 - 0.1333333333333333
    and then on and on
    have I understood that correctly ?
    Why is the technical documentation at NI not available and not visible?
    Thank you for your help
    And here is my last wish for today, please vote for my idea to have more midi modifier in traktor
    ( https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/11202/more-midi-modifier-next-try-and-plesse-vote#latest )
    Best regards ranger930

  • Stevan
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    That is the idea, the range 0.000 to 1.000 has to be divided into equal sections. Best,

  • ranger930
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    Hi, it doesn't work also.

    the traktor gui is showing 15 leds, if i mapp the last led ( on the top of the row) like this: ch02 note d1 or something like that, and set max range to 1, the led is not fully on , it is only blinking.

    15 leds and the hole range is only from 1 to 5 ?

    😣 i want to meet the person who has this developed and programming.

    I have checked traktor led mappings from faderfox and hercules controllers, the are all using cc values, i will give it a new try.

    Perhaps an official can publish values for this, would be good support and helpful for all of us.

    br ranger930

    and please, please vote for this, we need more then 30 votes:


    thank you

  • Stevan
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    I upvoted modifiers... Hope it makes the difference. That request is old as Pro 2 but I'm glad to see that more people are looking into giving their controllers a mapping superpowers. It took only 10 years and that is a lot of new generic mapping devices and waiting/loading times but it looks like we are finally getting there.

    Usually the VU-Meter is handled by a single CC number and the velocity is controlled with 0 to 127.

    Think of it as 16 separate LED's, thats 16 times 0.0625 when divided. One is the Off state and other 15 are the VU feedback.

    It would be helpful if you could share your TSI to check out the controller range values you are using.

  • ranger930
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    Hi, now i'm back again,

    i did the next test, but without success, let my explain it it a little bit more:

    in use traktor v3.8.046, all limiter settings off, a playing deck a with a testfile 1khz, 0db,

    midiview ( freeware midi monitor) connected to midi out of traktor to see all midi message which traktor sends,

    15 led outs are mapped, Midi CC message, i divded the given range of 0-1 by 16, the result is (0.0625), blend activated,

    i set the range of the first led from 0-0.0625, the range of the second led to 0.0625- 0.125 and so on, every led has a valid range up to the last led (Led15) with range of 0.9375- 1,

    i started the deck then i turned the gain pot to zero and then slowly turned the pot until the first led in traktor GUI lit up, i was able to determine the midi values, but from led 7 it got strange, because the midi value has reached 127 and then alternatly went back to 0, turned the pot further and then i got midi values again, which started from 20 approx. 10 and increased,

    her are the midi values:

    all led's off, midi values 0-15

    led1 on, midi values 16-23

    led2 on, midi values 23-33

    led3 on, midi values 33-45

    led4 on, midi values 45-65

    led5 on, midi values 65- 91

    led6 on, midi values 91-127

    after that (turning the pot further ) a lot of message value 0 and after 0 again 127, after a further movement i got midi values beginning 20 approx. and rising

    i have checked it with two different windows systems and traktor 3.8

    Can this be a bug ?

    i want to map all 15 leds to have one to on, midi controller and traktor GUI

    as attachment i've added the tsi,

    and here is a picture for a better understanding:

    i would be helpful if somebody can do the same test, i believe that this is a bug.

    best regards to the community, ranger930

    and please vote for my idea to have more modifiers in traktor, i need 15 more votes, please support my idea, thank you,

    ( https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/11202/more-midi-modifier-next-try-and-plesse-vote#latest )

    just by the way: here are two pictures of my self build midi controller ( without the vu meter leds, they are planned to be in the second controller which i want to build soon, 4 channel )

  • Stevan
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    Thanks for your additional information. I looked into the mapping and could notice that.

    1. All commands are mapped to a single CC message and not to each individual LED Note/CC number.
    2. The Blend is checked in each command. Normally, this is fine when you send to a single LED indicator like on Twister or Maschine Jam.

    I could not upvote the modifier idea twice though xD

  • ranger930
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    @Stevan, thank you for your support,

    right now i have created a support ticket.

  • ranger930
    ranger930 Member Posts: 28 Helper

    Hi, i am in contact with the support, but the first answer was not sufficient.

    i hope that the second answer will be more detailed.

    br ranger930

  • ranger930
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    Hi, since today NI is not able to answer my question in detail.

    They say that they don't understand me.

    Was my explanation in this post so bad and incomprehensible?

    I'll keep you updated.

    br, ranger930

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