Cymbal Rolls in Studio Drummer v1.4.0 (Ableton Live 10)

Is it possible to do cymbal rolls (crescendo) in Studio Drummer? If yes, how can I accomplish a cymbal roll? I referred to the online manual but it only mentioned supported articulations and not how to perform them.

Please note that I am relatively new to experimenting with MIDI, so I'd appreciate very descriptive instructions. Thank you! 🙂



  • NeitherHereNorThere
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    edited February 2022

    As an aside, I've tried alternating between two crashes in close succession on the MIDI map, steadily increasing the velocity of each hit. But it ends up sounding really unconvincing and tinny.

  • NeitherHereNorThere
    NeitherHereNorThere Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Any ideas?

  • three_eyed_otter
    three_eyed_otter Member Posts: 25 Member

    If you can reduce the "Attack" with an envelope & add in some reverb, it might sound convincing "washed..." Are any of the cymbal samples struck with mallets vs. sticks, this would help.

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