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I've used traktor a lot in the past and it's my favorite dj program, I don't like the layout of VDJ. anyway, I have reinstalled it recently on a new pc and I'm getting bad sound quality output. I know this because when I turn it up really loud, the lows/mids/highs seem to just mesh together and it sounds muddy.. almost as if it was cutting the bitrate in half, or using some kind of super limiter over the songs. I am using 320kbs mp3s... when i play these same files in a different audio program, like windows media player, winamp, aimp, vlc, anything else? The lows sound fuller, the highs are brighter, and it does not sound muffled and like garbage like it does from within traktor. What gives? I have tried disabling the limiter settings entirely, disabling all the gain/autogain functions and also turned the sound quality up to 96000. Still sounds the same... it sounds as if there is some kind of automatic limiter pushing it even though there is no limiter turned on or that its cutting the output sound quality in half or something. Why is traktor outputting at a lower quality than regular media players for the same files and on the same output/setup? any ideas? thanks



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    Hi @synap5e, are you using an external audio device or the built-in on your computer? And could you please post a screenshot of your Traktor Preferences / Mixer?

    THX in advance!

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