update UI vs system resources

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I'm planning to write a multi-script with a GUI. The GUI will have many UI controls (like knobs etc) which won't fit into one user interface. Therefore I will be arranging these controls into two separate groups / layouts which are displayed alternatively. The visibility of either group will be switched by an external MIDI controller (e.g. foot pedal sustain cc64) which will also be used frequently during music production.

I assume that changing/updating the GUI will cost some system resources. When I'm viewing or editing the controls the use of the system resources for the GUI will not be important because I'm not playing time critical events.

After I will have finished viewing and editing the various controls, I will hide /deactivate the KSP edit window and play time critical MIDI events / music. My question is: Will the frequent recalculation of the GUI take system resources although the GUI will not be visible at that time?


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