Feature request: Set number of beats per bar for the beat counter

Wintermute Member Posts: 8 Member
edited February 2022 in Traktor Software & Hardware


It would be really useful if we could not only set the number of bars per phrase, but also the number of beats per bar.

I play house/techno/trance, and I have the bars per phrase set to 8, as these tracks are almost exclusively structured in 32 beat phrases.

I mostly use loops of 8 and I keep my decks in phase starting the loop on what is currently X.1.1, X.3.1, X.5.1, X.7.1. It would be simpler and more intuitive if I could have 4 bars of 8 beats in a phrase, so the starting points for my loop would be X.1.1, X.2.1, X.3.1, X.4.1.

The number of beats per bar could also set the highlights on the bar markers, so in my example, the highlighted bar markers would be every 8th beat, rather than every 4th, which would also be a helpful visual reference.

Being able to define both bars per phrase and beats per bar would allow us to create our flexible counting and bar marker layouts.

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