imaschine 2 quantum collection broken/bug

I was told last year the quantum collection has a bug and cannot be re-downloaded. So when I transfered my data from my iPhone 6 to my new iPhone via the cloud it brought all of my Imachine data except for the quantum collection…. which is of course what I use for most of my music. Now I have Imachine on my iPhone XR but I can’t play any of my songs because I can’t download the quantum collection. Any news? Any ideas? How can i get the quantum collection file from my iphone 6 to my XR? support on this has been pretty invisible….



  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey Charles, I'm trying to get more information about these issues you report.

  • mongoslade
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    Same problem here. I just upgraded to a newer iPad, transferred everything over without issue. Restored and reinstalled all purchased packs, but can't get QC to reinstall. Any progress?

  • N1m8
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    Same exact issue. From the Expansions Store, Quantum Collection download button “FREE” highlights that is has been clicked but but does not respond and the download does not start. First image is unclicked, second image is clicked and does nothing when the finger is released

    Really need this pack to be back. Please help.

  • King Klast
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    We Cannot Re-Download The FREE Quantum Collection Pack On iMaschine2, Many Of Us Made Music With That Pack On IMaschine2, Now When We Open A Project We Created With That Pack It Has A Pop Up That Says Dismiss Or Download? But It Does Not Download….

  • charles zubillaga
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    i’m very glad to see more troubled music makers entering the queue here… I’ve been dealing with this for approximately two years… I’m told different things at different times, but nothing ever happens or gets resolved… Then I get random emails out of nowhere saying they’re backlogged and they’re still working on it… But when I try to respond to those emails they send me an email saying the problem has been deemed solved…. like I always say… If it’s not good… It’s got to be bad…. Please native personages.. show us you care about the pain being made evident here…. you guys are all engineering geniuses… No one here is going to believe it’s going to be that hard to fix the quantum pack….

  • King Klast
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    I Personally Own Native Instruments Gear/Expansions Pack & Use Maschine 2 On My Macbook Pro, But Prior To That I Made Beats On iMaschine 1 & 2 Using The “Quantum Collection” Pack Which I Paid For In iMaschine 1 But Became Free In 2, This Is So Disappointing That This Issue Is Not Being Addressed At All, There Is No Way To Submit A Support Ticket For This? Smh….

  • King Klast
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  • charles zubillaga
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    yes.. pretty close to two years now.. I find their communication system to be pretty confusing…. my tickets get closed without being resolved, and then I give up for a couple months before getting annoyed again while sitting in a chair and I get back into it…

    I was offered some free expansion packs at one point and they even closed that ticket as resolved before I got to say yes thank you….

    that’s what I mean by confusing… How do you offer a customer something… Not follow through on your offer… be so confused by your own system that you don’t realize you never followed through on your offer, and then you close the ticket as resolved…

    it’s either: 1) it’s some fantastic, lunatic, escaped string theory bug that has infected their quantum pack and after months and months of grinding to figure it out they were unable to and have given up…. or…. 2) they don’t care, they feel that they don’t have to care, and they haven’t given much thought to how they would feel if endless pieces of music they had passionately created were lost….

    Native .. with all respect… I’m certainly not in your business and don’t know what goes on in there… But I’m going to continue this thread and be a sort of bug of my own kind until someone finds the thoughtfulness to help us out with this.. thank you in advance…. (let’s get this story concluded in the appropriate way…. 👍🏻😎).

  • LostInFoundation
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    I’m more confused about users still thinking they even HAVE a communication system…

    You nailed it with “they feel that they don’t have to care”…

    And sadly we the users are allowing them to feel this way, since anything they do we still buy new things from them

  • King Klast
    King Klast Member Posts: 10 Member

    Someone from N I needs to address this issue......

  • Skregga
    Skregga Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I need the answer to this. I have many songs I used the pack for. I go to download it, its says it is "free". I push the button to download and nothing happens. Please help asap

  • Monochrome
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    iMaschine is discontinued / EOL:

    There's probably little to no chance of seeing a fix for this.

  • King Klast
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    We are out of luck, They gave me a flimsy response blaming apple’s downloads, How hard is it to put a link to this pack on that native instruments site so that we can download it and add it via itunes file explorer to imaschine 1 or 2 and then therefore export all our projects into Maschine2 before iMaschine2 ceases to function, Could there be a licensing issue with that “Quantum Collection” expansion pack? I know I’m not the only of their MILLIONS of loyal users whom have incomplete songs we created due to that MISSING Quantum Collection pack, Do we really have to do this ourselves and find someone who still has it on their iPad and have them somehow extract it & Share it with us? Damn Native Instruments what a disappointment on your side….smh

  • spanzo
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    Same issue with no reaction. I also "lost" the Quantum Collection by updating to a new phone.

    I also tried to start tickets but no one feels responsible for this and the tickets were closed, because of an "incorrect category".

    But what is the correct one?

    I feel left alone with this issue, and nobody cares about

    NI should remember me as customer, and this does not only affect APPS ! I also own and buy hardware, but in future maybe of another brand.

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