Reinstall cleanly Native Instruments Set Up / Plugins / Windows System

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Hello to all, I recently got a maschine + with all the plugins coming with it. I downloaded a bunch of them including Reaktor, Monark and Massive and later moved them from the default directory programfiles/nativeinstruments to a hard drive. Since then I got some errors and cannot load reaktor and massive for instance. I changed my preferences in native access for the installation folders and it recognizes that i have the instruments installed but when i opened them up in Maschine 2 or Ableton, I have the preview of the sound, but when I try to load the instrument it does not work.

I tried a few times to erase all files and reinstall them setting my hard drive as the root directory, but I suspect there might be some files / data in my computer that I did not delete that prevent me from doing a clean reinstall of native instruments products.

The maschine is super nice, I would love to have access to the instruments in the DAW. If someone got a similar issue or knows the solution, I'm all ears

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