Thumbnails missing from dozens of instruments in both Komplete Kontrol and Kontakt 7 new GUI

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I bought Komplete 14 CE about a week ago. When I open Kontakt 7 in the new GUI, this is what I see:

And the folder icons go all the way to the bottom, seemingly at random.

Then in Komplete Kontrol, this is what I see:

And it also goes all the way to the bottom with some missing and some OK.

I have tried the procedures in these two support pages:


Obviously that didn't work at all, that's why I'm posting here.

And now that I see the second document mentions Maschine, the same problem shows in that program:

So, what else can I do besides the things described in those documents?

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    Thanks! Actually last night I found a thread in this same forum from a while ago where they were talking about the same problem (I can't seem to find it now), and there was a link to download a folder that goes in the path /Users/Shared/NI Resources/image ("image" being the folder), and it has all the images for NI products.

    So all my NI products show fine now, the only ones missing are vendor's:

    For some reason, it's not all the thumbs from vendors, just some, even within the same vendor, like Project Sam, Soniccouture and Spitfire.

    And Native Access is now showing all of them, whereas before it was showing some with just folders. But you can see both Symphobias are there with their thumbs:

    So I don't really know what's the deal with them. At least I got back most of them.


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