Kontakt 7 is causing high CPU usage on Mac Studio M1 Max



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    Hang on for hopefully just another day or two... 🙂

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    Hey guys,

    sorry for the long absence here. I had a lot of things going on with the Apple Support and more but, I found a solution for my problem:

    Return, Refund and switch to a Windows PC!

    And here i like to tell you why:

    The thing i encountered so far and I talked with them (Apple) openly about it, is the core parking. Don´t ask me why not every Mac is infected from this symptom but there are some M1-Macs which have serious trouble.

    It´s a Efficency and Performance core problem or more a system adress problem and i think the solution is, to prevent the cores from parking (but not for the closed eco system of Apple)!

    Why do I think this way?

    After the return i bought a PC with a new i7 13700 K also with P and E cores and what a surprise the same things (not so heavy as on the MAC but still noticeable) happened!

    I read a lot about the architecture of the new generation of CPUs and also found some tools to test it on my PC to get rid of the problem and indeed I solved the problem with an app that prevent the cores from parking!

    Since this i don´t have any troubles, beside the conversion from my loved Mac OS to Win OS (and yes, I don´t like it, but...that´s the price I have to pay) finally I´m happy!

    ...And please don´t talk about the "Oh why do you switched to PC" and the "oh Mac is the best you can get" thing or that you don´t have or had any problems...I´m happy for you but that´s nothing what I had to deal with!

    Please understand:

    If you´re unable to make music for one year and also that the stop came in a high creative phase with much output...which led to a complete absence from making music for one year then i guess you would probably also switch! After this year of not making music it´s still hard to find my way back into it!

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