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Kontakt 7 is causing high CPU usage on Mac Studio M1 Max

Intersolar Member Posts: 5 Member

I bought Kontakt 7 ( although I have the collectors edition 13) to finally be able to work with Kontakt again under Mac OS Ventura. 

Unfortunately this is an (almost) impossible task on my computer, because with a single Kontakt instance ( and an instrument like. e.g. Pharlight ) 20% - 30% CPU usage is reached

and it goes up to overload when more notes ar played. It is not even possible to load multiple instruments because then I immediately have a CPU overload.

Either Kontakt 7 was not programmed correctly or...I have no idea!?

Has anyone had similar experiences?

Before the general tips and inquiries are asked:


Mac Studio M1 Max/ 32GB/ 1TB internal SSD.


Mac OS Ventura 13.1 

-> Why Ventura? The nice dealer (who is also an official Apple Repair Partner) replaced the Logic Board for me and although I asked him to play back Monterey in any case, he did the update to Ventura. 


Ableton 11 (current version)

Audio interface:

RME UCX with current drivers

N.I. Access:

Current version (dark)

Hard disks for Kontakt:

External SSD only for Kontakt libraries 

I really need help because since I switched to Mac Studio 5 months ago I have only problems and I can't make music anymore.

Additionally, a call to the people here with similar setup, please get in touch with me.

Thanks in advance


  • Intersolar
    Intersolar Member Posts: 5 Member
    edited February 27

    Another example that shows that it's not possible to work with Kontakt 7

    1 Note of a Multi from Telethon Audio, which runs with chord progressions and so on under iMac late 2012, causes over 70 % CPU under my Mac Studio. I really need help

  • EvilDragon
    EvilDragon Moderator Posts: 858 mod
    edited March 4

    Certain libraries are just CPU eaters due to the way they have been created and which specific features of Kontakt they are using and in what way, and how many. This is not Kontakt's fault. It really depends on a lot of factors: which sample playback mode is being used, how many effects are being loaded and which ones are they (some of the newer effects like Replika delay or Bass Invader amp are really CPU hungry). In case of Straylight/Pharlight/Ashlight, it's also the granular engine and scripted modulation engine that require a decent chunk of the CPU. It is well known that these instruments from -light series do need quite a lot of CPU to do their thing.

    Check Kontakt's multicore setting in Options->Engine. If it's disabled, try setting it to max cores that you have and see how it goes.

    By the way, your screenshots are too tiny, nothing is readable at all. Somehow.

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