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I'm a NI user for some years now. My latest product was the KU Collector's 12 in 2020. Then, for some reasons, I had to stop music (3 years omg...). Now, I have time. So, I wanted to re-install a clean system with my version of KU. But, when I connect to my account on NI website or to Native Access, I have...nothing. All my purchase history is empty, and my account is like a new one.

I'm sure this is the good account because I have the old emails in my mail box. I contact NI support but it's been more than 24 hours, and have no news... And I'm worried about that.

Did someone encountered this issue ?


  • Matt_NI
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    The registration support team will be able to investigate this.

    If you have a serial number it's pretty easy for them to locate. In 99,9% of the cases, the instruments are in fact registered on another account which was forgotten. On the website buying a product with an email doesn't mean registered under that email and perhaps you don't remember registering them somewhere else.

    It's never completely lost ;)

  • SamBzh
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    Ok Matt htank you. Yes I have the serial number, in the box, with the original invoice.

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    You're all good then, someone will be in touch soon and locate where everything is 🙏

    Ps: make sure to give them that serial if you haven't already

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    Hey SamBzh, what was the resolution for you? I have the same problem with an NI product I purchased several years ago and now want to upgrade to the latest version. I own the cds/serial/original receipt yet native access says its registered to a different email.

    I'm engaged with support and waiting for a resolution, hopefully it can be resolved before the summer sale ends 😀

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