Stop gendering German language

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It is absolutely frustrating and upsetting to see that NI keeps using "gender language" almost everywhere on the German website. How can anyone write such sentences:

"In unserem Forum tauschen sich Musiker*innen, DJs und Produzent*innen aus. Egal ob Anfänger*in oder Expert*in ..."

Did you every check this does to blind or visually impared people who have to rely on speech recognition systems? Not one system in the market can read this - try on your Macs with the German voice turned on. The result is an absolute mess! Apart from this, everything is grammatically wrong.

Please visit a school (again) if you do not understand the difference between biological sex and grammatical sex in our language. What you are doing is offensive to people who are having reading disabilites, who are just about to learn our language and who need a visual aid.


  • chk071
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    The best I read was "User*innen". 😅

    Not enough that they slaughter German language, now they even slaughter the Denglisch...

    I envy the English speaking folks. They don't need stuff like that. A musician is a musician. No indication of any gender at all. Should be the same in German. "Ein Pilot" is a pilot. No indication of any gender at all.

    Generation X folks trying to revolutionize enerything, and as quick as possible, without any thinking. Just because it's trendy.

  • Kubrak
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    I do not speak German. but I see they made a mistake. There should have been DJ*innen and not DJs. ;-)

  • Paule
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    Yes that's influencer written speech IMHO.

    Or am I a Spießer?

  • valerianmengsk
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    Isn't Native Instruments German? German language issues coming from Germans? 🤣

  • General Smitt
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    I was a good client of NI more than a century (Maschine 1, 3, S61, Komplete Collectors Ed), but as i saw this left-wing political statement of gendering and schwurbeling our language the first time, i cancelled my already chosen (1800,- Euro) order. What kind of idiots in the marketing - god bless - we have a choice. And my choice: as long as you are doing this, no money !!!

  • henryklein
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    „In unserem Forum tauschen sich Musiker*innen, DJs und Produzent*innen aus. Egal ob Anfänger*in oder Expert*in“

    ist die Sprache linker Sprachvergewaltiger, Sexisten und Kommunisten. Normale Menschen gendern nicht.

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