Maschine MK3 keeps disconnecting randomly from the software?

Sixstringz Member Posts: 10 Member

I'm hoping someone can help me here. After about 10 minutes, mid playing, the hardware completely disconnects from the software, all the lights and screens go off, and no input is received. It's still on, I can put it into MIDI mode, but to reconnect I have to shut everything down and restart. The program is updated. All the drivers are updated. The MK3 in the drop down menu is highlighted, but there is no check mark next to it and I can't select it. In preferences under hardware it is blank with no option to select anything. But under the MIDI tab, MK3 is still selected. WTH is going on!? Makes it very difficult to make any progress only being able to use the thing in ten minute increments. I've been scouring for answers all night. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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