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Hi Guys,

I want to create a NKA browser that gets the NKA files directly without opening the dialog.

This is what I have so far. Remember to set a path so you can save the ska with custom names...

on init
  declare $count
  declare @path

  @path := "/Users/NAME/Desktop/FOLDER/Data/"
  declare ui_button $Save
  declare ui_button $load
  set_control_par(get_ui_id($load),$CONTROL_PAR_POS_X,200 + 3*92)
  declare ui_table %table[8] (2,2,100)
  declare %preset[8]

  declare $load_arr_id
  $load_arr_id := -1
  declare $save_arr_id
  $save_arr_id := -1

  declare ui_text_edit @preset_name
  set_control_par(get_ui_id(@preset_name),$CONTROL_PAR_POS_X,73 + 3*92)
  declare ui_label $pattern_lbl(1,1)
  move_control_px($pattern_lbl,66 + 3*92,2)
end on

on ui_control (%table)
  $count := 0
  while($count < 8)
    %preset[$count] := %table[$count]
  end while
end on

on ui_control ($Save)
  $save_arr_id := save_array_str(%preset,@path & @preset_name & ".nka")
end on
on ui_control ($Load)
  $load_arr_id := load_array_str(%preset,@path & @preset_name & ".nka")
end on

on async_complete
  if ($NI_ASYNC_ID = $save_arr_id)
    $save_arr_id := -1
    $Save := 0
  end if
end on

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