Apple Music Library on macOS no longer loading when TP3 Starts up

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At some point recently, TP3 on macOS no longer seems to load my Apple Music library on startup. It definitely used to do it automatically.

TP3 starts fine, my Track Collection is immediately accessible and I can start playing a set. It's only when I click "Music" in the Browser Tree that TP3 says that it is "Loading" and I then have to wait a while before I can browse my extended music library.

Did this change recently and my Apple Music library is only loaded on first access now?

I'm running TP3.7.1 on macOS Big Sur 11.7.2



  • Markovicz
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    Hi @ilove1981, since I am not familiar with this behavior so far, I need to gather more information here. Does this take place in each Traktor session? Has the way Traktor opens the Music node changed after updating either macOS or Traktor?

  • ilove1981
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    Yes, every time I start Traktor, I doesn't matter how long I leave it (1 minute or 1 hour), it's not until I click "Music" that Traktor starts to load my Apple Music app library. This can then take a minute or two as my library is quite large. Previously, Traktor would load my Apple Music app library on startup, so it was always available soon after Traktor had started.

    The change happened in some previous version of Traktor. I cannot say exactly when; perhaps 3.6.1 possibly.

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