Playback Audio Cutting Out in Logic Pro X

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Hello there, I've seen a variety of posts with very similar issues to mine, however, none of the fixes suggested for these issues have fixed the problem on my system.

I recently purchased a Komplete Kontrol A49 keyboard which included Native Access, Komplete Kontrol, and a variety of instruments, but I am finding that the audio is frequently cutting out in my Logic Pro X projects, both during real-time playing of the keyboard and on playback of recorded MIDI tracks.

Logic Pro and all of the Native Access programs and instruments are installed locally on my Macbook. For my system's specs, I have a 2020 13-inch Macbook Pro with a 1.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 processor (16 GB of RAM) running OS Ventura 13.2. Additionally, I checked if my hard drive is formatted in a case-sensitive manner, as that seemed to be the issue for another with a similar issue, but it is not (when viewing disk utility, the type of my startup disk is described as APFS System Volume. I have also tried changing the buffer size in Logic, to no avail.

Some of the instruments that have been consistently having this issue include the Gentleman piano instruments, the Rickenbacker Bass instruments, and some Massive synths as well. I am able to load all of them just fine and Logic is clearly registering the inputs (still showing chords that are being played and recording every MIDI input for the correct duration, but not playing audio back correctly).

If I can include any more relevant information, please let me know, and thanks in advance to anyone willing to help try to figure this out. I've had the keyboard since December and have been having the issue pretty much since then and really do not know what to do.


  • nyfelix
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    I have the same issues. Any help?

  • mickeyl
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    This seems to be a recurrent theme, but it's very hard to pin down. For me all the problems started with the Apple Silicon / VST3 plugins. Never had such problems beforehand. Could you perhaps double-check whether the problem vanishes if you add a plugin directly in Logic (as opposed to being hosted in KOMPLETE KONTROL)?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @3ra @nyfelix There were a few reports about this kind of behaviour. Some other reports mention that this would only happen on the first bar in Logic, is is the same for you: Anyone experiencing note dropouts at beginning of playback on ARM version of Logic Pro w KK?

    One important step is also make sure to give full disk access to both Logic & Komplete Kontrol: How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS

    Can you also check if the problem also occurs if you use Kontakt instead of Komplete Kontrol in your Logic projects?

  • MG727
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    Good Day,

    I am using Komplete 13 and the instruments cut out when used in Logic. When Komplete is launched on its own there is no issue. This leads me to believe it's an issue with Logic. Looking forward to anyone figuring this one out.

    Thank you

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @MG727 Wher de the cuts appear? In the 1st bar or randomly through the project? What version of Logic are you using? Have you given full disk access to Komplete Kontrol and Logic? What are your audio settings in Logic? Please send screenshots of Settings/Audio/Devices and Settings/Audio/General. Are your libraries installed on an external hard drive? What's the format of the drive?

  • 3ra
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    Hey all, it's been a while since I checked this thread, but unfortunately the problem is persisting. @Jeremy_NI To answer a few of your questions (although I know they weren't directed to me) the cuts occur randomly throughout the project, my logic is updated to version 10.7.9, I have given full disk access to both Komplete Kontrol and Logic. Finally, my libraries are all on my laptop's hard drive. I've also included screenshots of the two fields you mentioned being important.

  • gibsonlp223
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    This issue has been happening for months. NI doesn't seem to be in any rush to fix it.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @3ra I'm contacting you regarding this by email, my colleages will have a look into your case.

  • emeraldjak
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    @Jeremy_NI any news?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @emeraldjak News on what?

    If you mean this exact bug here, where the issue is only on the 1st bar in Logic: Anyone experiencing note dropouts at beginning of playback on ARM version of Logic Pro w KK?

    Then it's going to get fixed with the coming Komplete Kontrol update.

    If it's anything else, meaning not the exact same symptoms, you should get in touch with our support to find out what the issue is.

  • Jojo123
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    Just another suggestion for something to check: how full is/are your disk/s - its a well known factor that full drives can do nasty stuff.

  • RipperFromYT
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    I've had this issue for many months using KK w/ Logic. Seems like it's common. Yesterday I thought I fixed it with new usb cables to my ssd's but nope, same problem today. I narrowed it down (at least currently) to the "audio samples" that are clipping. Anything "synth" based in KK works like massive x but anything sample based like The Grandeur (including the preset sample clips) all "clip" immediately after you hear them.

    Well, after reading a lot more threads about this problem I just went into Logic's audio settings and switched "Multithreading" from "Playback and Live tracks" to "Playback" and right now everything is working perfectly. Processing threads is left on automatic.

    Hopefully this fix sticks for me, but wanted to post it here in case someone else wants to try it.

    If someone wants to explain to me what I'm losing by having only "Playback" checked I'd love to know just to educate myself.


  • JordanLeeSounds
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    Been having this same issue. Tried all the fixes as mentioned above and nothing worked. However, I've just updated to Komplete Kontrol 3.0 and it seems to have fixed the problem!

  • ianLi
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    I have just installed konkakt 7. All of the above ‘fixes’ have been checked to no avail. However, kontakt7 seems to have worked/ loading logic from ‘applications’ and using Kontakt 7 from applications too. So far, no randomly cutting out notes…….

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