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Hello i have a strange problem when try to create some custom slider knob controls to adjust group tune.

i have done this in the past via menus and arrays for fixed octave, interval values and detune in the same time and the code worked flawlessly.

this time i m trying to to the same with a custom slider with 25 frames and typed values of -12, 0 +12. but this time the code doeas not do anything even if i type a fixed value like 500000 inside the command.can anyone help or correct me?

old code:
  set_engine_par ($ENGINE_PAR_TUNE,$slidertunedco2+%P2_OCT_TYP[$OCT_SEL_P2]+%P2_INT_TYP[$INT_SEL_P2],$CUR_GROUP,0,-1)

current code:

on ui_control ($slidertrans1)                     
  $CUR_GROUP :=1
while( $CUR_GROUP<=50)

  set_engine_par ($ENGINE_PAR_TUNE,333332 + ($slidertrans1 * 13889),$CUR_GROUP,0,-1)
inc( $CUR_GROUP)
   end while
end on


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