Line input sampling and assigning to patterns in song mode

King swen
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I'm trying to use the sampler on maschine plus to record an external live instrument onto a pattern in song mode. When i record, the sampler creates a new pattern and puts it into the first scene instead of the pattern that was active in the scene when I recorded the sample.  Is there any way to assign the sampler to record into a blank pattern on song mode?  I'm wondering if I need to create a new group and route the line input audio into a second group so the pattern doesn't change in song mode. Any advice is appreciated! 


  • aafanatic
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    @King swen I haven’t heard of that before. I understand that it’s frustrating, but it’s just a sample in a group, I don’t think it matters what pattern it’s in. Are you sure it’s not a clip?

    I would recommend using sync sampling to the full length of your intended pattern for timing purposes, then just make it one shot and polyphony of 1 and launch it in the intended pattern.

    I totally agree that you shouldn’t have to use a work around, but sometimes I just want to get it done rather than figuring out what’s wrong.

    I hope this helps

  • King swen
    King swen Member Posts: 25 Newcomer

    I figured this out. I needed to select the pattern before recording my sample. When I tried to record a sample without selecting which pattern it didn't know what to do and created a whole new pattern somewhere.

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