do I organize all my Tracks in the Track-Collection or as Playlists?



  • The Sarge
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    I have no idea what you mean. Playlist is just a by hand edited lists.

    for me too, a list of tracks I maybe use in the next night at the club.

    but if this is it for you too, then why do you organize your WHOLE collection as PLAYLISTS instead of organizing them in folders in the TRACKCOLLECTION?

    to compare it with the good old Vinyl & CD-Times:

    the Track-Collection are ALL Vinyl & CDs I own and the Playlist is the bag I take with me to the Club to (maybe) play ´em on my DJ-Set. And if a guest asking for "can you give me your Playlist please?" I give him the list of all the tracks I PLAYED in that night where he was the visitor

    not personal, but damn to those guys in history causing Tower-of-Babel - it´s so hard to discribe in another language (my is german) when DEEPL/Google making sh!t out of it 😡

  • Kayya
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    I said the same things as others have said. I just sorted it out step by step.

    I don't have detailed information about editing them as folders, because I need to know the differences in detail. I guess the big difference is that playlists use the mirror of the files, not the original ones. Thus, you can reproduce as many times as you want and instead of producing different files, you are working on a single file. More technological and more modern.

    Playlists have more useful and beautiful features. Just like it says in its name. You have to trust NI company, they don't do the wrong job. :))

    You should use smart and manual lists.

  • lord-carlos
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    A track can only be in a single folder.

    But it can have multiple tags, thus be in multiple (smart) Playlists.

    You can have a Playlist with tracks that get people dancing, one for "best of 90s",one with "high energy rating of 4 or greater" and one with "bpm around 124"

    And a single track can be on all of them.

    If you buy a new track it will automatically be added to some of those smart Playlists, if it has the right tags.

  • Patch
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    I thought (Traktor) folders could only hold playlists?

    I treat the Traktor Collection the same way I treat my iTunes Library. It’s the very top level of organisation.

    Playlists don’t actually “hold” tracks if that makes sense? They just hold links to the track, wherever that track is. The actual track only ever lives in ONE place. Everywhere else that the track shows up (in a Playlist that you’ve made by clicking and dragging, or, in a Smartlist that auto populates) is just a link to that place.

    SmartLists go one step further, in that, you don’t even need to drag tracks into the list to populate them. I love SmartLists. So far…

    Sounds like the OP should create a SmartList for each genre he/she plays.

  • The Sarge
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    Answer ✓

    hey there

    I found a solution that works perfect for me and don´t let me decide Playlist <> Collection anymore

    simple show & edit the tag "Genre" and fill in, what I need (Techno, Schranz, Acid, Hardcore, Trance, Goa) and finished -> now I see in the Track-Collection sub-lists of the tracks f.e. matching as Techno 😍

    and so I´m able to keep my understanding of playlists: just the list of tracks (out of my huge Track-Collection) I´ll play in my next set 😎

    thanks again for trying to help me

    best wishes

    The Sarge!

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