Anyone seen midi glitching with Pioneer gear in Advanced HID mode?

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So I've had a pretty weird experience with some Pioneer kit that I was using.

Pioneer DJM 900NXS2 and x2 Pioneer CDJ2000NXS (firmware all up-to-date), all being run via USB straight from my Mac to all of them (via a USB hub). CDJs set up as aggregate midi devices, mixer set up with the Pioneer Setting Utility app etc.

Then I got all manor of glitches on both the mixer and the CDJs, like the mapping for 50% of the buttons where totally wrong. For example, one of the channel faders on the mixer was adjusting deck's speed/tempo! Or the low EQ knob stopping one of the decks when turned down to zero. Unable to stop one deck by holding the platter, or spin it back, even though it's in Vinyl mode. Basically completely unplayable.

Here's a couple of videos of some of the weird things:

Running Traktor Pro 3.3 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

Has anyone seen this before? Decks worked fine when just using a USB drive and disconnecting Traktor. I'm not sure what to blame, my set up or dodgy Pioneer kit.




  • Mark_NI
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    Hi there,

    this is quite spooky behavior - can you reliably reproduce it or was this a single occurence?

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