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Just giving it a shot here because I think it's a fairly popular patch.

I've got the original Massive, not Massive X. I really like the patch Angkluster from factory presets but I've got a problem with it. I really like the pad and strum type sounds that come in with the sustain pedal, but if I'm doing rhythmic chords, I'm getting crazy volume spikes. Otherwise the sound is perfect for a thing I'm doing.

I'm not a Massive programming expert, but I have messed with envelopes, sustain, levels — and nothing's fixing this issue. It's very loud spikes, and I can't isolate which of the oscillators is causing it. I think it may not even be one in particular—the spikes are so distorting, all I can tell is that it's not the percussion sample. And it seems very specific to the way I'm playing the patch—rhythmic chording, 8th and 16th, with sustain. If i try other ways of playing, even with sustain, I don't get the spike.

I've noticed a little of this spiking with other patches, but none this extreme.

Just sorta hoping someone came across this before me.




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    Could you do a short video showing how the issue appears so we can try and maybe reproduce it?

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    I didn't expect a response so fast - thank you. I'll try to do one in the next few days. Thank you

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    Hi Jeremy,

    I recorded a video. Had some video sync issues, so just made a new track to just reproduce the issue to show you. I'm a little embarrassed, my time fell apart a few times, got distracted by the spiking and trying to make sure the pedaling/sustain was consistent.

    I've got the sustain controller data showing, the spikes happen with the longer sustains—which brings in a couple of sounds that I really love (a pad and a sort of muted plucked sound). I tried adjusting the various oscillator envelopes, taking their peaks down, lowering (basically) volumes - and it changes the sound but doesn't do anything for these spikes. I let Logic auto-limit the audio, I didn't want to have you get the blow-out level spike I'm getting when you play the video - they are very big spikes. Obvious things like lowering the main output level - well, I have to turn that nearly all the way down, still get the spikes and the main bit is then way too quiet.

    I'd really like to use this patch in the way (more or less) I'm trying to show here. Not a Massive expert but I really just cannot figure out these spikes. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

    here's the video https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q700nWZeznqgG5GmnHUF5O4NNpNmO_JQ/view?usp=share_link

    my os is below, and also the logic project (watch your speakers if you play it)

    Thank you,

    Michael VH

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