Kontakt Player 7 and Kontakt 6

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I have Kontakt 6 and did not upgrade (yet ?) to Kontakt 7, it's not a product I often use.

I see in NA2 I can download Kontakt Player 7. Is there problem having both on same machine ?

Are there now any updates or new products only compatible with a K7 Player or even K7 full ?



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  • Gee_Flat
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    K7 and 6 can run side by side, but there seems to be an issue with the plugin for Komplete Kontrol taking over.

    The new Factory Library has been revamped and only runs on Kontakt v. 7.X.X, but that's always the case with new versions. Also, these new instruments are locked and cannot be edited. K7 will not seamlessly replace K6 in existing projects so be aware.

    If you don't use it a lot, you might be content with v. 6

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    OK, thanks

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    If there is no immediate need for you to use Kontakt 7 (Player), stay with Kontakt 6. Alternatively, fully switch to Kontakt 7 and replace existing Kontakt 6 instances with Kontakt 7.

    Sadly, the issue with Komplete Kontrol (i.e. K7 loading instead of K6 when a project in any DAW is saved with K6) won't get fixed anytime soon:

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    oh OK thanks

  • RenardeRousse
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    I had a problem updating/installing Kontakt PLAYER 7.1.8.

    It's now fixed; probably wrong moment to update.

    I can't delete my post. So please ignore.

    Native Access 3.2.0 still has a strange behavior on Windows 11: it's like it keeps reinstalling.

    Work in progress?

    But it's not a program I use daily.

  • Gee_Flat
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    That NA behaviour has been reported on this forum more than once.

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