Updating from Kontakt 5 to 7 while migrating from Intel to Silicon

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I've been using Kontakt 5 on a 2014 iMac for a long time now, but have recently purchased a 2023 Mac Studio running Ventura on Silicon.

I want to update my version of Kontakt to 7, installed on the new machine.

Question I have is - do I need to install Kontakt 5 on my new Mac Studio before I can update? I'm a little concerned it won't be recognised by the OS.

Is it possible to perform the update without installing the old version?



  • Gee_Flat
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    Kontakt 7 won't replace K5 as an upgrade, so all your exisiting projects will still require K5 and its library. After purchasing Kontakt 7 upgrade you will then have two versions in your account.

    So install 5 and transfer your exisiting KFL with all your modifications to the new PC, or download it.

  • Formica
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    But can I install 5 on a Silicon Mac? I have an installation CD in front of me here that dates back to 2014.

    If I purchase the Kontakt 7 update

  • Formica
    Formica Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

    OK for anyone else going through this - Yes, you HAVE to install Kontakt 5 and activate it first on your Silicon M1 Chip Mac. Then install Kontakt 7. It won't run without 5 being installed first. If you want anything doing...

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Formica Not sure if there is a misunderstanding here. You should be able to install Kontakt 7 without having previous versions on your computer.

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