Kontakt: multiple instruments, 1 midi-keyboard

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Hello everyone,

I searched, saw videos and read but still did not get an answer I could work with.

I want to move the colored keys for multiple instruments so I can play like 3 instruments with 1 midi-controller-keyboard. Why isn't there simply a drag and drop functionality to mark the key range and then drop it where I need it???

Some video finally lead me to the "remap keyboard" preset in the KSP section of Kontakt. Can someone PLEASE hint me to a way where I can just remap the whole key range instead of doing it for every single key?

Thank you!!!!



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    you just click on the wrench of one instrument, then instrument options - instrument, there you can set the lower and upper note that triggers that instrument and shift it up or down up to 2 octaves, unfortunately those 2 octaves might be not enough for some cases. And yes, this should be a multi setting or something like that.

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    Thank you Uwe, my approach or I'm looking for a way to move the playable part of an instrument individually. Not just by an octave. Is that also possible there? Because I didn't find out how - in the "wrench" options.

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    Like I said with this setting, per instrument, you can only shift by two octaves up or down + set upper and lower keys. If you set your keyboard a way that low notes are on the left and higher notes on the right it should work. But if you want, let's say, the high notes of a trumpet all the way left, and a bass all the way right, it won't work. Another option could be to separate the instruments per midi channel set the upper and lower keys in the setting I showed you. But the shift you set in your DAW. I can later have a look and maybe find a way, but this remap on your picture is for all instruments loaded as far as I know. Maybe you can give me an example what you want to do and I can try to make a setting that works so you can have a look and adapt it and learn from it, sometimes it's better to see things yourself in your program to understand what's going on.

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    Aah I see, I will look into Cubase 12 and your hint might be doable there!

    Thank you for your detailed answer šŸ‘ļø

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    Oh you use cubase too, the best DAW by the way šŸ¤£šŸ¤£, there you can create a midi track and use a midi send effect to do that, as far as I remember. But from there you send midi to different instrument tracks, so not one kontakt instance with a multi. But then you are able to do what you want. Unfortunately today I had no time to have a look again but I will not forget it.

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    Should be entirely possible and very simple to do in Instrument Options>Instrument. Divide your 88-key keyboard into 3 sections, limit each instrument's key range to one of the sections, and MIDI transpose accordingly.

    Unfortunately, no doubt for very good reasons, MIDI Transpose is limited to 2 octaves. You get round this with a very simple script for the instruments in the top and bottom sections if necessary

    on note
    end on

    Paste into an empty script slot and click Apply

    +36 (line 2) means MIDI Transpose 3 octaves up: change to whatever you want for the instrument in each section.

    If you don't have access to the Script Editor an almost equally simple multiscript would do the job.

    (I myself almost always have at least 2 "articulations" spread over the keyboard.)

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