Using a high performance NAS/file server for libraries - have you done this?



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    I believe this is likely a DRM issue more than anything else, which is the subject we are really discussing lol. Yeah, I was about to spec out a massive NAS to be my audio production and main backup system. We were even considering multi-gig or 10Gbit LAN connections, with everything that goes along with that, to make sure the speed was there. I would also really like to see official NAS support in the future!

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    See Jeremy… in fact… just tell me which Version of Native Access to use and I have to downgrade Kontakt to which version that I can use Network Shares shares that any system supports are NFS shares for Windows, Apple and Linux. Downgrade is no problem. Just wish that things run here.

    in fact I need VST2, My own recorded sounds are wave files in high quality. So at least 18 TB just of Atmos and Birds. Arround 10000 Bird files. Kontrol and stupid NKS I never did use… it’s an absolute nonsense.

    1. which Version of Native Access supports Shares. I like to downgrade. As owner of Komplete Ultimate 13 collectors edition I do not use any of yours extensions, because of the mainly poor quality you provide. So there is no plan to upgrade for the moment. The 14 provide so much useless content for my work and it’s like a downgrade. I did stop to buy from any partner libaries that support the Version 14.
    2. which version of Kontakt?
    3. No Native Instruments Hardware. I did stop all plans because the Version 14.
    4. You can offer me also legacy products that are able for a solution. More support I do not need. Just like to which in a first step which version in general is able for. Or better was able… no need for castrated products you offer.
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    Imagine designing a soundscape for a movie and wading through 18TB of bird sounds to find the right one :)

    Should look into BaseHead for managing all that

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    No it’s shure not. They did castrate for extra in new version's. Unlucky because 1000 musicians got recently for free old servers and Native instruments do not wish professional enterprise use. I got 3 of them. It works perfect but Native Access shows errors. So Desaster is Native instruments. I can download with older versions of contact the libaries and move them hand by hand to the NAS server. Professional is total different. Komplete 14 is a Desaster and I know why not to upgrade and buy with them again. We are more than 1000 people in a community and make for the moment because there are all videographers videos to start instant YouTube campaigns.

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    No idea how any of the above relates to the topic really and my understanding of what you write is completely lost in translation, seems we are now in an episode of Linus Tech Tips.

    Not everything is designed to run from central servers for a myriad of reasons, not just copy protection but also performance, latency, ease of software management etc. It's never been designed with this kind of workflow in mind. most similar solutions are also not designed this way.

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    My take is that it has something do with the network file sharing protocol commonly used for all OS to access NAS vs the native OS file handling system—network file sharing protocol cannot emulate every nuances of a native file handling system.

    However, a SAN may work reliably, such as Xsan on macOS. Of course, it is way too expensive for home, and you must be SAN-trained to setup and maintain the infrastructure.

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    Hi there,

    I want to share another perspective. A while ago, I did just what you were proposing: running all my libraries from a NAS network share. It works great on smaller projects but I would advice against it if the amount of your instruments exceeds 30.

    I had a couple orchestral projects that were all suffering from dropouts and missing samples until I came across a limitation in the SMB sharing protocol. Apparently it is not possible to have simultaneously more than 1024 files open. Upon learning about this, I immediately moved all my sample libraries to a local connected SSD drive.

    So basically yes, a network share will never be able to "emulate" the same behaviour as a local file system due to restrictions.

    Follow my advice: get a local drive or a drive array, preferably SSD

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    Mount your SMB NAS share as a local drive in Windows, make sure it's multihomed, buy 10Gb network cards and hope for the best. Why all the drama? NI doesn't support NAS, if it works for you fantastic.

    Highly recommend running TrueNAS on your servers

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    HW that you use is very far from typical NAS..... I guess the thing is, users using usuall NASes had problems and complained. And maybe bloated NI Support.... So NI has decided to not allow use NAS easily.

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    Regardless of any SMB limitation, a fast NAS on a fast network should work fine in 99% of cases. Nearly 100% of mine, because I am not an orchestral artist and my many years spent arranging in DAWs allows me to understand how to keep things streamlined and minimal during any live recording.

    With 32-64+GB of fast system RAM on a 24-32 core workstation with a 1000mbit or even 10000mbit LAN, this should work beautifully. It is a design choice, somewhere, to not let this happen. Its cool, though, as Im not really buying a ton of NI content lately, and will be holding off until the dust of their PE acquisition settles.

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    Every team has that one person who wants to push the envelope of technology. More power to you!

    But at some point, we need to get on with it.

    Native Instruments says NFG (No Freakin' Go) to your idea. So NFG it is for production work. The same thing applies for many other things, such as Linux support for Komplete and Reaper support for Komplete Kontrol.

    That's not unusual anyhow. I wouldn't be surprised if EastWest and Spectrasonics all have similar limitations.

    I have PCs and a Mac here that each have their own 4 TB reserved for music libraries. That's the cost of doing business. And really, it's a CHEAP cost, because I don't have to go off in all directions trying to figure out why my licensed Mick Fleetwood samples have unacceptable levels of latency.

    We all know Mick knows how to keep time, so at some point, we just need to do the right thing, take the recommendations to heart, and move on with life!

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    No, we dont agree on that. What native instruments (or any vendor) decides on their own isnt what moves the entire industry, nor what moves my production or systems administration philosophies. I know, and you should know, that this is very possible(many mission critical applications support NAS) if the vendor had motivation to do so, but this particular vendor does not. Im not confused about why, lol, but I dont think we can really delve too deeply into DRM philosophies on the NI forums.

    Sorry! Not going to get on with it. Going to move on beyond NI, which I guess is a form of "getting on with it" that their new private equity bosses wont appreciate as much as I do. Take care friendo!

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