Has NI abandoned Maschine

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New Komplete S mk3 doesn’t work with Maschine is Maschine done?



  • Uwe303
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    Good question - i would also like to have an answer for

  • Vagus
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    NI have been on record that it won't be there 'at launch' and not many people used it. You can still do this on MK1 & MK2.

  • Byrdmanc
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    What? Don’t understand that answer

  • Hit-Man
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    This is a very good question. The only way that I see this move maybe making sense is if Native Instruments release a "Maschine Keyboard". But even with that... Native Instruments would make more money by getting the customer to buy 2 products that work together(Maschine and the Komplete Kontrol keyboards) instead of one product(A Maschine Keyboard).

    This could very well be another sign of the end of the Maschine product line for Native Instruments.

  • Kubrak
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    My guess is there would be new version of Maschine soon. But well, it may be renamed to something different. It might be too difficult to maintain and further develop current Maschine, so the new one may be written from scratch, or almost so. For example to be more easily integrated into standalone gear.

    So, I guess there will be Maschine like SW soon, be it named Maschine or whatever different.

  • PK The DJ
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    IMO the statement "doesn't work with" is not accurate.

    It's a MIDI keyboard. Plug it in to your computer, it will work as a keyboard with software that supports MIDI keyboards.

    What it doesn't have is dedicated hardware buttons for accessing Maschine specific functions. That doesn't mean it won't work.

  • Jean Voyage
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    They probably have, although part of me still wishes they come out with a Plus MK2 that has the sampling and chopping capabilities of the MPC, allows for more than 16 pads per group, time stretch and stem separation of Serato, has a built in swappable battery, supports at least everything Komplete 14 Standard and the entire Play Series range, has custom chords, a usable file manager which allows for tagging on the device itself and a continuous library sync (including projects) with the desktop software, which finally supports hidpi displays 🥵🥵🥵 did I forget anything?

    I seriously doubt this will materialise. There may be a new unit, very buggy at first and barebones feature wise, bug fixes and a few new features will trickle in while we are being flooded with expansions… stem separation will finally arrive when the competition has jumped onto the next big thing…

  • Kymeia
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    I’m pretty certain the answer to that is ‘no’. The new keyboards and Tractor hardware is obviously a priority right now but I think Maschine will be getting attention after that. They just can’t update everything at the same time.

  • Reefius
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    I don't mind losing the dedicated Maschine buttons on the MK3 keyboards cause I rarely used them. But will the browser, plugin and mixer buttons still work inside Maschine software? And what about the scales and arp features?

    Edit: at the moment it only works as a simple MIDI keyboard according to Loopop. None of the buttons like browser or mixer do anything.

    I guess Maschine will need an update to work with the new keyboards.

  • Kymeia
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    I hope so, and that also makes them compatible with aftertouch- I do hope NI don’t leave it all for a (as yet hypothetical) new hardware Maschine range

  • nightjar
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    The YouTube video from loopop offers the suggestion that Maschine be treated as another DAW under the DAW mode of the MK3 keyboards.

    This sounds like a logical path

  • D-One
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    NI didn't abandon it, it just went out to buy some milk; dad will be back one day.

    This is my assumption too. The Mikro M3 for example had no MIDI / Controller Editor support at launch but that came a year later after much complaining from users - Their stance was that they didn't know if users really wanted it which I find quite disingenuous.

    'Sell now, develop later' is a bit of a hard philosophy to swallow when the sentiment that this product line is abandoned is already widespread, this certainly doesn't help gain trust from users.

  • Percivale
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    So they zapped away the five integration buttons for use with Maschine and also the solo/mute buttons. It is going to be tough to integrate tightly with any Maschine of the future. There is hope since they are keeping up with the 8 buttons/dials form factor. However, with no touchscreen (not that I am advocating it), I can't see a straightforward path of implementation LATER besides coming up with new hardware. Heck, it does not even fare well when it comes to working with DAWs.

    I should do a poll to see if a new iteration of Traktor Controller or Maschine hardware will come to market first.

  • Impermanence
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    There is huge amount of space on top of the new controller. They will sell you something to fill that space in your soul.

  • MaikR
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    Maybe you should consider a job at NI’s Marketing & Communication department 😅

    Sorry, but a Kontrol Keyboard with the new NKS should be considered ‘working’ when most of the bells and whistles are fully working. Otherwise it’s malfunctioning or ‘work in progress’.

    A decent (or non-anxious) vendor should be completely clear about it: “don’t expect this or that, but we’re working on it! Come see our roadmap.”

    Instead of leading the way and taking responsibility for already cash-in on incomplete products, they write (and market) release notes and support topics like: ‘you can now simply use the USB ports to hook up any external drive and use all your files’.

    They wrap this statement inside a paragraph on reading and writing files from the primary storage, being the SD-card, which makes most users think that the newly released feature is fully developed and finally implemented… nope, it’s (still) read-only, has other limitations and the way to use it is complicated.

    Some experience the new logo and style as ‘simple’ and ‘transparent’… well, maybe it’s a first step in a transformation and all communications will be soon like that 🙄

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