Looking for the most portable windows solution to connect with KONTROL Z1

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hello everyone,

i`m looking for the most portable (lightweit & size) windows solution to connect my KONTROL Z1 controler. i was thinking about some windows tablet, but i have heard that there will (may)be problems installing traktor dj software on the tablet, because windows arhitecture for tablet differs the one for laptop... can someone please give me more info about this?


  • Kubrak
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    I use Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (i5 4C/8T, 16GB RAM, 256 GB SSD). It is passively cooled, Traktor works just fine. I have Win10 Home, but one may install Pro or Win11 Home/Pro..

    I would recomend Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ (i5) - that Plus is important. It has higher generation of Intel CPU and it has replacable SSD. Just be carefull, as there are two variants one with LTE and no microSDHC card slot and one with slot for memory card, but no LTE.

    I have bought few of them secondhand (including keyboard and pen) for about 500 EUR.

    Newer models 8/9 and i7 models are not passively cooled. And older models have problems with cooling...

  • tomislav
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    how about some cheaper windows based tablet? around 200 euro?

  • Kubrak
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    Well, the first of all it must be x86 Win tablet, not ARM one. Even if Traktor would run on ARM Win, which is not sure, I strongly doubt, it would run well....

    The same for Intel Atom CPU x86, or like.... It is too weak... It would hardly run Traktor fine....

    I guess one needs at least i5 (Intel) or Ryzen 5 (AMD). I doubt there would be new Win notebook with those CPUs at 200 E....

    I have just seen secondhand MS Surface Pro 7 for about 350 E. (It was without keyboard and pen, just tablet)....

  • tomislav
    tomislav Member Posts: 5 Newcomer

    how about some older x86 win tablet? doesn`t need to run traktor the fastest way, just to run it good enough for some casual use

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,595 Expert

    MS Surface Pro 7 (i5 4C/8T) is old Win tablet and works with Traktor just fine. I guess that even older MS Surface Pro 6 (i5 4C/8T) would work fine as well.

    I would not go lower than version 6, they have only two CPU cores....

    I do not know about other Win x86 tablets. I would recomend at least i5 (Ryzen 5) with at least 4 cores. And no Atoms and like. And I would avoid Intel 12th, 13th, 14th CPU gen (those that have also efficiency CPU cores).

    And also good cooling is important.

    I recomend secondhand MS Surface Pro 7 (or Pro 7+), as I know it works. If you want experiment (and take the risk, it will not work well), try other Win tablet. Even for casual use one needs it runs without dropouts and so....


    There is also cheaper MS Surface Go, it has smaller screen...

  • mahler
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    for that occasions I have bought an 2ndHand HP Elite x2 1012 G1 with i5 processor , for around 210 € ,

    and it works fine with traktor pro 3 and Z1

    I have replced the original 256-ssd with an 1TB - this is not complicated ....

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