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Hi, apologies if I’m posting this question in the wrong spot.

I'm wondering if NI offers some basic (or advanced) mix post production software, or if someone can recommend an inexpensive alternative in the market.

All I’m really looking for is something that I can trim a mix down (say into two halves), fade out at the end, crop a blank bit out mid mix (if I accidentally hit the wrong Play button :), or maybe smooth out a level here and there.

Maschine sort of looks like it might help but I don’t need any instruments or sampling functionality. I did also search the Community but maybe I’m not using the right terminology.

Thanks, t

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  • MyStudioOne
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    NI doesn't really have such a product but there are plenty of free solutions out there that do those tasks. Just google search best free audio apps or similar. I am sure you will find something that meets your needs.

  • trekkin
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    Many thanks for confirming that NI doesn’t have a specific product for it. Is sometimes tricky for laypeople to decipher the NI product descriptions.

    If anyone has a specific recommendation on an easy to use freeware or <$100 license option in the market it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Sunborn
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    What you are looking for, is an Audio Editor.

    The are many good ones but the best "all-in-one" professional editors are consider to be Magix SoundForge and Steinberg Wavelab.

    If you can not afford them, then the free Audacity is an excellent choice! In fact if you are a newbie on audio editing and want things simple, then, it is the only choice.

  • trekkin
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    Many thanks! I’ll check out Audacity - sounds like just the thing!

  • 6xes
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    also take a look at the Reaper Daw... Free to use although there is a expectation if you use it extensively, you are encouraged to make a purchase of a license(entirely up to you!!)

    no limitations, only a 5-7 second nag screen upon loadup, reminding you how long you have used it...

    you can even edit videos inside reaper if you wanted...

    a very underrated Daw

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