I'm confused...... Sounds.com.....

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I'm confused about what NI is actually doing.... They kill Metapop, and Sounds.com......merge with all these companies... who sell, for the most part the same thing.... which means we lost a social media spot to share music and collaborate, lost a sample site that we could buy new NI expansions in the form of demo sample packs.... Sounds.com is gone at the end of the month and as a consultation we get three months of subscription that most don't need .... especially if we took advantage of the Summer Of Sound sale.... which brings me to my confusion....why is Sounds.com still adding new sample packs if they are closing? I know the first thing one will say is ...because there may be customers with credits and they would be able to use them....well what about those that would like to purchase but used all their credits to avoid losing them..... and once again why are you guys getting rid of Sounds.com if none of the addition companies provide these services. I use and have used all the companies now under NI, but these marketing moves make no sense. Just my thoughts....... Admin I guess you will delete this if there is no truth to be shared publically


  • Tigersharc
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    To add insult to injury.... I received an email today asking me to come back to Sounds.com..... as if I quit the service..... If you're closing the site shouldn't the spam be turned off to avoid confusion..... confusion as to whether the site is shutting down or not.........

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    Hi @Tigersharc thanks for sharing your thought and sorry that you still got an automatic email from us. That is definitely a mistake and I let the team know now so you shouldn't receive any emails from sounds.com in the future.

  • Tigersharc
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    I was really hoping you were going to say everything is coming back...... But thank you for the update.

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    A generic answer, which didn't explain anything. I believe the question was "why is Sounds.com still adding new sample packs if they are closing?" and "why are you guys getting rid of Sounds.com if none of the addition companies provide these services?" I also have the same question.

  • Tigersharc
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    I asked those things hoping for a real response in terms of what is going on, but it seems there is something behind the scenes we can't know about or something...... But the response I got wasn't surprising......

  • Sunborn
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    There is no "Sounds.com" people. At least not anymore.

    When you put that address in your browser it redirects you to Native Instruments website. So, perhaps they bought it.

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    @Kaiwan_NI what happens to all of my credits

  • JesterMgee
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    Seems that is the way many things are going with NI these days.

    They are one of the best companies for taking ideas and ruining them over time in some way or another.

    Fact there is complete radio silence when this question is asked is a pretty clear case that your credits will likely just vanish. Somewhere in the T&Cs it would have been stated that they have a right to change or terminate services or something to that affect which means anything invested will be lost. You can see the T&Cs here if you wanna check them:

    Maybe they have something in place they plan to offer like NI vouchers or a T-Shirt with the new Logo no one likes.

    As for why it is being shut down, simple guess would be not enough profits generated within their 5 year projection.

  • Reefius
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    Sounds.com had so much potential if it was properly integrated in Maschine and Komplete Kontrol. But all we got was a simple background downloader which later was abandoned because it didn't work most of the time.

  • Tigersharc
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    edited July 2023

    The vouches are worthless if one has already upgraded during the sale last month. I upgraded to the Komplete 14 Collectors Edition as soon as the sale started .......... I agree there was a lot of potential that has been wasted. I liked the song contests. It allowed me to really see where I needed to improve.......

  • bryanta1999
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    Gotta admit this is almost as bad as the waves mandatory subscription move. I am a sample based producer and NI has taken away my favorite site and trying to make us take komplete now. What if you already own komplete? I thought things would get better when they teamed with PA, but it seems as if its going in the komplete opposite direction. They didn't learn anything form Dirk and PA, they would never kill a service and leave us hanging like this.

  • Reefius
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    Just go to loopcloud.com, it's way better than sounds.com ever was.

  • LostInFoundation
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    Honestly…giving a voucher for a subscription is just the icing on the s*** cake.

    Like this they are just trying to trap you in their ecosystem, hoping that once the “free” period expires some people will continue paying the subscription.

    Not even giving a “permanent” product sounds really like a joke…. a bad one

    Edit: I rewrite the message without the s* word, since for the first time (strangely) my post hasn’t been published cause it needed to be reviewed…

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