A problem with my recent purchase



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    @luisdaniel0101 It looks like the issue was solved.

  • luisdaniel0101
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    yes that's how it is! thank you so much!

    but I have another problem, I just posted it in another thread

  • Sunborn
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    Since i am also too old to argue with people on the internet, i will keep it short.

    1- My 2 answers you mention, were never "wrong", it was just the first one that was misplaced due to misunderstanding (my fault, i read very quickly and lost some details). In this case you did very well to answer. On the second question you are very wrong though, since critical system files, such as drivers, must be installed on the main drive. I build-up windows computers since 1998, so please do not insult my intelligence.

    2- My "banner"??? -you mean signature- (which i like to change quiet often as you may saw already), and the way i plan or promote my internet life, is none of your business. If i care for points for the competition? Of course i do. Am i the only one who is honest and sincere here? But this is NOT the reason that i am here, neither the first reason for giving answers to people! I think my work on the NKS Library which i freely share for the community proves that. So keep your stabs up the belt.

    3- Pissing people off, is not an accusation that you do things on purpose. It's a matter of perspective. Maybe is your type of personality (and there's nothing wrong here). My type however, is to respect, thus when i see a post with a correct answer, i never reply. But though you have indeed many-many helpful answers (and on this matter, thumbs up to you) you also have too many unnecessary comments, things that you can simply add by edit your previous comment, as I and many others do. This, is "pissing-off" and not your correct answers of course! To say it simple, sometimes you give the impression that you just "talk for the talk". But hey, it's your life not mine. Of course you will do as you choose. I just made a point there, not a criticism, but if you don't care, that is your right and it is fine!

    4- In addition, i will give you that: You handle the words extremely well, as a diplomat or a politician. That's a gift. Make a good use of it.

    Peace out, good evening to you and... long live rock 'n roll and goa trance! 🙏😊

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