macBook Problems (Windows Was Fine)

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Hi everyone

I've always had Windows computers, but I was recently given a brand new MacBook Pro.

It runs Tractor fine, as I'd expect, but it takes about an hour to open the program, about 2 hours to close and, if I search for something in Traktor, it freezes for about 10 minutes!

I've looked into the issue with tracks being fragmented, or whatever it is (I can't remember exactly). My issue though, is that it's the exact same library as my Windows laptop, and that has no problem at all. I only use this MacBook because it's brand new and should run things better.

I've been using Traktor since the first release of Traktor 2 and I've never had problems like this.

Has anyone got any advice?

For reference, I've already downloaded some software to tell me if something's corrupted. I deleted a lot of stuff and let it do a cleanup. However, there and certain tracks I'm not willing to part with. I've had them for years and have always been fine on a Windows machine. I don't get why MacBooks are so picky.

Sorry, I've ranged. It just bothers me so much! Haha.


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    im guessing its probably your storage device that is causing you issues...

    im also guessing that by you utilising the same storage device across the PC & Mac... you are utilising a Fat32 type of formatted drive...

    i suggest copying your files to a faster storage medium...alternatively you could try, dumping all your files into a storage device... re-format the storage device and test if it has any performance increase!?

    that type of format(Fat32) is known to be a little slower but also becomes more prone to corruption, at least so i have read

    get a dedicated portable SSD and format it in APFS.... and spread files across many drives if they are important.. nothing worse than losing a valueable file... becos you only saved it on one storage device, when you had other devices with plenty of room spare!

  • DJKrissJ
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    Thanks for the advice, but all the music files are on my MacBook. I have my library on a Windows laptop, 2 external HDDs and OneDrive as backups, and I copied the entire collection onto my MacBook when I got it, so I'm not using any external drives.

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    maybe your music library needs to be reanalyzed in traktor or used in mixed in key from traktor integration

  • DJKrissJ
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    Thanks. I've just set off my collection reanalysing whe I go to bed. I did notice that there were a handful of NI instrument files that wouldn't analyse too, so I've deleted them as I do t need them. Fingers crossed it works.

    Thanks for the help. 😊

  • DJKrissJ
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    I don't know what you mean by, "used in mixed in key..."

    In case reanalysing my collection doesn't work, please would you explain what you mean? Thanks a lot.

  • DJKrissJ
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    Unfortunately, reanalysing my collection didn't work.

    I also tried using MP3 Scan+Repair again over the weekend. It said it had repaired all the tracks that needed it, but if I close and reopen the program, all the same tracks appear and need repairing again, even though the originals have been removed and only the, supposedly, repaired tracks are left. I did that 5 times and I'm still having the same problems, so I'm really at a loss. 😭

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    Try creating a new user on mac, and copy all the music to new user folder.

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