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As mentioned in other posts

I work with different teams of people with varying levels of tech knowledge but excellent players. I have encouraged them to buy s61, s61 mk2 etc in the past...

I have stopped doing that now and instead recommend arturia as unfortunately, the promise of KK remains unanswered/unrealised without instrument layering etc it renders the screens utterly useless and the money saved goes towards good libraries instead of the cut down frustrations...Im not trolling Im just pointing out what happens with half baked products by any mfg


For those that are already committed, I normally prepare fairly complex patching etc for particular songs etc because its painful and impossible to do for them. I have a standard system of mapping controllers so the underlying paradigm remains the same regardless of controller. (currenly Im just using kore player housed in KK which works for the most part; VIP is being migrated as it does the job ok but once again, paying out for what should already be in the package)

This brings me to the point that Im setting up eg s88 mk2 and need to be able to be offline and create the midi editor maps from KK (well also from controller editor for mk1) but there seems to be no way to do this? I cant physically plug one in and shouldnt need to.


Arturia midi command centre is analogous and similar but allows me to create everything and share it with the users? Disappointing comparison

Any ideas?

I also setup churches etc whereby the same thing is applied ie there is a host computer in house, the players just bring in their keys (and sometimes a controller to sit on top that is mapped to the same) and usb in...the host is connected either usb/dante to the mixer and we use good quality active usb from keys host. This would allow me to make updates etc available when they plug in.



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    Sadly the KK mkII keyboards are - what’s the word… useless as offline midi controllers. When using with KK software open - it’s great. When using standalone with external gear - it’s stuck on midi channel 1 and only the keybed, mod wheel, pitch wheel, and pedals do anything. As you say, it need a controller software. And maybe a firmware update to be able to use the KKs arp, scales etc offline too).

    I have the S61 mkII but for external gear, I had to buy a Keystep Pro (and I sometimes midi out from the S61 to midi in on the Keystep since I’m not a fan of the Keystep keys, and then I have arp, scales, chords, the ability to change midi channel etc. on the Keystep. Then midi out from the Keystep to external gear either direct or via my mioXL).

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    Yes I hear you...so unbelievable they dont have it store machine state. Its a lot of money...tbh I dont care about the Fatar anymore...the arturia KL88 is the go; If Komplete Kontrol actually worked as a live rig it would be saved...but its been a number of years and no change...so time for me to change and move on.

    I just feel so bad because I recommended NI keys to a number of peeps in our teams and its become a bad choice...I should have looked on the forums first instead of reading the manual and imagining stuff that wasnt there.

    The KL keeps its state etc...I bought a minlab first and am very satisfied...not perfect but doable...just need to make sure the budget for freestyle is considered.

    I even bought a little 9" Touch with magnetic usb c that mounts on the column stand with a mini pc...I was hoping I could have gone headless with Mkii but its a long way off

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    Our MIDI keyboards are not really built to work standalone unfortunately. Thanks for the suggestion however - glad to hear there's an interest!

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    Thanks for the reply

    As per other parts of my post...I can understand no standalone but even with komplete being so close to a perfect solution, its obviously geared towards single engines and becomes very minimal in effectiveness for live use

    Whoever was on team for Kore, really knew what they were doing. Seems like s series is a great idea but never thought through. I just cant understand why they didnt double tier the idea of Kore


    1. Create a top layer like KK that simple users could make use of and supply some simple templates to satisfy this part of the market
    2. Create a 2nd tier expert mode for those who use them outside of the bedroom

    The critical failure of Kore was explaining and learning it but see above comments. Would love to help and explain. I have used many of the top packages for live at length and even programmed for some eg


    Gig Performer


    Sonic Arts Freestyle

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