Reaktor - This file was saved with a newer Version.. ? Need old Mikro Prism Installer

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hi guys, well this one i just cannot solve, i installed 3 different versions from Reaktor 5 and still i get this message...


i got Reaktor 5 v5.9.1 installed and the original project file is from 2011 !!! there was NO v5.9.1 from Reaktor 5, why does this error come up? or am i misunderstanding something?

hope someone has an idea :), it is just 1 instance/preset, but i wanted to recover it somehow.



i think i get it now, it is not Reaktor 5 but the Mikro Prism ensemble it says is too new? anyone knows if i can get an old version of Mikro Prism? i checked the Archive from NI but there is no old Mikro Prism installer, when i try to open Mikro Prism ensemble in Reakto 5 new instance the same error pops up, in Reaktor 6 it works, so Mikro Prism seems to new.

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