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How do I transfer a REAKTOR 6 generated drum groove into a LOGIC region?

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  • Tony Jones
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    Are you running Reaktor in Logic?

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    yes, it sounds but I can't insert and limit the sequence in specific region.

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    maybe I have to save the groove as midi file. but how?

  • colB
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    Reaktor 6 doesn't generate drum grooves. Some Reaktor ensemble or instrument might, but there are so many ways this could be done, and nobody can guess which!

    To get a useful response, you need to be way more specific and detailed with your question. Then someone with logic (I don't have it) might be able to help!

    Good luck

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    Hi, I'm an old (sic) musician open to new technologies but obviously sometimes bumping into the wall generated by his own ineptitude. In summary in a logic track I have regions where I want the reaktor file to play. Isn't there a function, a key, something to conveniently send the signal? maybe the signal to be sent must be a midi file? how can it be converted? In my case how to insert a drum groove (Aerobic.ens - East) in a specific region? In fact I hear it playing but non-stop throughout the track no matter how open the region in the track is. Who can help me? Thank you

  • colB
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    Ok, I think I understand what you mean.

    You want to use Aerobic in Logic. And control it from within Logic?

    If that's the case, you need to open Reaktor as a plugin inside Logic, then load Aerobic, and the snap you want. Then create a midi track in Logic that sends the right notes to contorl Aerobics built in sequencer.

    If you click on Reaktor's help menu and choose Online Reaktor Documentation, you'll find some manuals. Click on 'Reaktor Factory Library Manual', that has a section on Aerobic with some details of how to use it.

    As far as Logic goes, someone else here might be able to help. I steer clear of Apple myself. There are definitely problems relating to 'Apple Silicon' support, and currently an ongoing beta test for a new Reaktor version to fix this. But you should be able to achieve what you're trying to do in any decent DAW.

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    Trying to understand what you want to do: as you load Aerobic in an instrument track in Logic, Aerobic start to play as soon as Logic plays and only stops once Logic is stopped. But you like to have Aerobic playing during the verses, but be silent in the chorus e.g.

    There are several solutions to this but none is really trivial AFAIK.

    Either you create a snapsnot which is silent and send program changes to Reaktor from the region in Logic and move them around as needed. I tried this for many years but migrated to the next solution.

    Some ensembles don't even follow external clock or start/stop but have that all internal in the enseble. Then setting the same BPM and control the start stop via plugin automation should work.

    I usually record the audio via a track send in a separate track. Then I need to record several bars to handle potential tails. I also usually record each instrument separately for detailed processing. This makes it also easy to do longer "live" session where I tweak some prameters. And I never need to worry about saving ensembles and snapsnots. The wav files are permanent...

    ColBs suggesting controlling the instrument from midi notes from Logic, which works pretty good for Aerobic as it's built for that in addition to the Aerobic internal sequencer. However then you miss out on the nice modulation sequencer that Aerobic has. But then you can do that from Logic as well. However all ensembles are not prepared to trigger drums (etc) from external midi notes. And there are for sure no standard what notes are used. I usually never do this, but it really comes down to personal preferences and workflow. Ensembles can be re-built for this pupose, where some are easy to change and other are quite complicated. And it depends on your Reaktor building chops😀. But if you are in a creative mode making music, spending an hour to rebuild an ensemble is made not what you need.

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    I finally have a relevant answer. I had thought about it, dear friend, about the Wave solution; then, having had no confirmations, I found it quicker to choose another drummer than REAKTOR. But now, thanks to your confirmation I will use wawe solution. Thank you very much.

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