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  • lord-carlos
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    There are user patterns in the 3.8 beta.

    Why lose an FX, why not just mix it with FX1 internally with an option to either route it through FX1 or run in parallel, then you don't lose anything, no?

    I'm not quite sure I understand you. But the idea is that you can use the pattern player with current mappings. You still have 3 other FX banks + mixer fx.

  • springreverb
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    HI Lord carlos,

    Glad to hear user patterns are in, what about user samples? not having this option for me is a bit like only being able to play native instruments recommended tracks when Dj'ing!

    What I mean about the FX is just route the output of Pplayer through the FX1-4 in addition to the FXoutputs, so you can have both the output of the pattern player and the fx rack, also with the option of routing the PPlayer thru the FX or alongside it. This way you don't lose an effect. Effectively loading both at the same time.

    Yes there are 3 more BUT what if you have spent years tweaking your hotkeys like me to use FX1-4, now they won't work if Player is taking the place of one.

  • Stevan
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    @ springreverb

    TRAKTOR could solve this by opening the Slot Pitch mapping (for Remix Deck). It is such a shame that we cannot control this feature in 2023 with a MIDI controller and it was locked ever since the 2.5 when it was introduced with F1.

    F1 implementation for Slot Pitch control is a work around really. One need to press SHIFT + TYPE and then scroll the browser clicky type of encoder. Not ideal like for example remapping this on the Slot Filter control on F1 or any other controller with detented absolute message knob.

    S8 and D2 implementation is a little better since it uses a smooth encoders but you also need to navigate pages to get there. It is also not possible to have 4 dedicated Pitch knobs in a single layout with default mapping nor the FX Knobs could be remapped.

    The Pattern Player mises the mark on it's implementation. It should live as a Channel Effect with the ability to control it with an EQ knobs and a Filter so S2 MK2 and S3 users could try it out. Even if NI is going to add 4 more FX Units in there, there will be 32 FX Unit assignments per Deck that you need to display somehow in UI, we'll see what happens after native M1 support is here.

    So currently I an paying $5 a month for a Pitch Parameter in an FX Unit.

  • c0nsul
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    Because you mentioned missing midi commands. It's still not possible to map the source for the loop recorder, too.

    Also, I don't see a reason why Traktor is limited to four in preferences pre-selected MixerFX. 🤷‍♂️ And in my opinion, all MacroFX (like wormhole, lasersclicer,..) should be assignable as MixerFX.

    But, I'm still loving Traktor. The possibilities to midi map are beyond every other DJ software. Hopefully, the development keeps and increases this strength (more modifier, all functions mapable).

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