Kontakt 7 issue: no Kontakt Libaray 2 snapshot

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I purchased Kontakt 7 and downloaded via Na Access along with Native Factory Selection and Kontakt 7 Libaray 2. When I open Kontakt 7 Factory shows up on screen as a Kontakt snapshot but there is no Kontakt Libaray2 snapshot. In settings both are listed as Visible Libraies. Back on the main window clicking on Kontakt snapshot show numerous sounds on the right of the screen. Clicking on any of those sounds gets a sample to briefly play. Double clicking shows a "This instrument belongs to library the is not installed" message.

I tryed the fix and other remedies posted in earlier posts with no result. Now what? I assume you are already aware of these issues and I hope you might be so kind as to give and update on a resolution on your end.

Thank you for your time and help,

Juergen Wende



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