Making my first little sampler in Reaktor and i have some questions!

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I started some days ago making my first little sampler in reaktor because i have a idea in my mind...

I scripted the whole instrument first in Kontakt6 and everything is working fine there, now i want to make a similar version for Reaktor...

Anyway, so far, everything is working, i can choose a sample and play it through the keyboard with tuning and fine tuning knob, ADSR for volume and 2 filter's, one for the left and one for the right channel..

I haven't found any other way in making 2 filter's for each channel because i wanted to have the samples in stereo of course...

And that's the reason for my question, because i'm using 2 filter's and different filter models, i have 2 switch connected after the filter, the user can choose the different filter models...

And that's my problem, i have 2 switches but i want only one but then, it's no more stereo...

Any ideas how i can solve this problem???

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    Choice one switch (visible) as master and the other as slave (unvisible). How to do?

    Set an internal connection from master (to ...) to slave (from ...).

    It's in the properties tab Connect


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