USB Dropouts have a fix ?

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Hello Natives!

I have "USB I/O errors" . The message appears when there is a noise, such as a pop, cutting off the audio being played for just under a second. I would like to try to update my Firmware. My version is 15 on S4 MK1 running on Windows PRO 10 64 bit. Has anyone ever experienced this ? I've been updating and configuring my notebook for a week and the problem continues. Thanks!

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    after letting windows update work a lot I don't get "USB I/O error" anymore, the error appears as "USB data error"...

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    If you're a newbie around here - like me - and you're having the same problem, I say I found the solution through this great tutorial:

    excellent! after using LatencyMon I found that the acpi.sys driver is causing the problem. After disabling this driver in Device Manager LatencyMon kept showing the same error caused by the same drive!!!! Windows 10 automatically reinstalls😬

    even after changing acpi.sys permissions to be able to delete it, Windows reinstalled the driver!

    so I had to see some tips on the net to be able to prevent this standard system procedure. Unfortunately the texts are in Portuguese but the translator can help and it shouldn't be difficult to find them in English, follow:

    I hope It could help you !

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    I'm Sorry but my problem is back after Win made its internal processes. I'd like to erase this novel above but i don't know why.

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    The most common issue for dropouts on Windows laptops made before 2018 or so is the battery. That is most likely the sys. service that is being checked every few minutes.

    Up until my newest laptop I either removed the battery or disabled it in the Device Manager.

    The other issue I had on a Dell G7 was the Support application, I uninstalled it and had so much better performance.

    Be careful trying to remove or hack Windows processes especially from advice across the web. It is better if you can find the trouble application or service instead.

    For legitimate Windows cleaners or Driver services iObit. System Care and Driver Booster are good.

    Also check out Process Lasso. The free version works good without doing any settings changes. Unless you fully understand affinity and the other settings, then you can really do a whole lot more.

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    Hello Zephry, thanks for sharing your experience and thanks for your tips! You're right, this driver is responsible for checking the battery. In my case, I removed the battery from the HP G42 notebook and even disabling the procedure in device manager the problem remains. I will check the programs you indicated, I hope to bring good news, big hug and cheers!

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    Go through each usb port power settings in Device Manager and disable sleep.

    Set your power mode highest performance. And also make sure usb sleep is disabled there.

    Turn off any sleep or hibernation.

    Check to see if you have switchable graphics. You might be able to switch what Traktor is using.

    Check for bios updates. Many PCs have been updated over the last couple years to handle sound better and have recent Bios updates that do help.

    Try a different cable and ports. For quite a while my controllers didn't like the usbc port.

    Click every device in device Manager and check for driver updates from the web. I often find missed updates that way.

    How powerful is your PC? At least 8g ram is usually good. But if it lacks power, things like loops left running and keylock (especially over the remix decks), and scratching with jogs, can cause sudden spikes.

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    Hey Guys

    Any update? I'm having the same issues on my Dell Precision running Windows 11. I've had some success with setting processor lasso so Traktor uses my performance-cores. It's better, but I wouldn't say it's gone.


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    Changing those power settings for each USB driver, definitely lowered the DPC Latency on the ACPI driver for me. Its not quite eliminated it, but cut the latency in half. Thanks very much!!!

    I've been running Latency Mon for five minutes now and haven't had that dreaded error. Awesome!

    @daveb124 Hey mate, check out this little tweak, might be useful for your older laptop!

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    Awesome! Computer issues can really cause some anxiety. Lol

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