How to record and overdub loops handsfree using a footswitch

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Hi, I bought a Boss FS-6 to use to record loops handsfree while I play guitar based on the video here: . The switch works fine, one button for play, the other to arm record. However, and this is skipped in the video, in order to actually capture the sound you have to press the "Start" button on the hardware or software. So I can press play and record, but nothing actually writes to the track because I have to physically press the start button, (and for each additional loop I want to record) which doesn't really work when using it for guitar cuz my hands are tied up. In the video they never press the "start" button, am i missing something?


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    In the video, you're instructed to enable the metronome then press play - at which point the unit is started (the metronome is ticking). When you enable record with the footswitch, the unit switches from play to record.

    I just gave it a try with my Maschine+ and no pressing of the soft "start" button was required.

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    Thanks for checking it out...I've done that and followed instructions to the "T" but unless I press the "start" button it won't sample, rendering the footswitch useless...Im using the Maschine MK3 so I wonder if it's a software based workflow requirement. Im really bummed.

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    i tried it with just a Plug and some cables and it works (i don´t recommend to do that!!), its the ring against the sleeve contact in my case. be sure that you press sampling and that you are on the record, not the edit page. And on the back of the FS-6 set both to momentary!!! And try a bit with polarity, it has to be open if not pressed and closed (e.g. ring to sleeve for swith A if pressed)

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