There is no "reason" for PATTERN_concept anymore and some other....

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There are no Midi-fx in Maschine, not even the simplest like replace C1 with D1 or so on for intersting drum/other varitions... without lot of mouse-doing... just by turning a knob... (or a STRUM/HARP (delay) for accordes.... or a LENGTH/Step... This is 2005 or so... NI needs some days longer... However: ...I want eg my drum/pattern-mode "duplicates" as solid units, without this pattern/clip/behavior... HOWEVER it is so.. in the "architecture" of Maschine...

Nobody really knows the "advantage" of this... but it so...

But a kjul / funny trick is in pattern-mode to multi-erase-on-the-fly... the pattern/the cpoy of pattern/the clip... do a lot of copy/duplicate PREPARING (dont use a "Master" pattern... it will overwrite all all other "SAME patterns"... work and then it makses really fun... Multi-ERASE some Pads of "this" Pattern... / but be aware: there is no "This" Pattern in Mk3... all changes here. Dosent matter wich wich SCENE/Arrangement...) ...will influence all "brothers"... so you to make copys and copys FIRST... to create some nice random-variations... Why dont not the Ableton/Bitwig-Concept? A "PATTERN/Clip" is a SOLID and UNIQUE (complete autark) piece of "folder/container" It dosent matter which changes i do in any "duplicates" each of them are per default UNIQUE... This Pattern-Concept ... does only confuss and has no really advantages... for 85%..." Ableton/Bitwig is so CLEAR in concepts/handling /even with to "levels"... of ideas/arrange... THIS extra Parent-Pattern-LEVEL... over-complicated this (more/less = as only as "complicated" relay straight concepts WITHOUT an Extra-GIVE_awyay / advantage...)

Except for "back-compatibility" with over-old concepts of old drum-Maschines... where is ANY, just any, "advantage" for this Pattern-concept??????



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    Um… what you dislike is the general concept of a Pattern based workflow.

    Did you try to work with Clips?

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    I personally like pattern concept. I use clips only at places, where patterns do not "work" well. I understand, that other people like other approaches. They may use other programs that fit them better.

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    Wow. Far out. Can you @strg+v try to formulate your thoughts a bit more clearly? I have really hard time following you. ”Headache”

    I find patterns and scenes really useful and simple. Clips are not there yet and it is easier to do that kind of things using different DAW.

    Did you read the manual? Tutorials?

    Is confusion an attribute of software or mind?

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    I tried, but can't understand what you're trying to say

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    Yeah, my english/texting, directly "shooten", is sometimes a little bit confusing... In futuere i will for longer/more complexe text, first create a note, than sleep a night and first than (after read again/corrections) i will post!

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    Dont take it to heart, I am fairly sure that most here couldn't reply one word in your native language ;)

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    I think I understand what OP is saying. Essentially, in Ableton & Bitwig, patterns/clips have things like probability, logical operators, and follow actions to allow complex behaviors beyond traditional pattern chaining. In Maschine, it's far more rigid and traditional with the pattern/scene paradigm because it lacks the same depth of modulation that the aforementioned DAWs have. If you want to play with creating slight variations on an idea, you have to duplicate the pattern and make that small change as opposed to set some parameters to automate it.

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