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I almost sold my pair after I bought my Denon SC6000's as I thought I wouldn't use them. Turns out the Denon's have their own issues and I don't like getting rid of gear anyway. Fell in love with my D2's again (also found HID works in another piece of software outside of Traktor). So - onto the question - I will continue to use traktor (alongside other platforms)in the future as it works well for certain types of sets. Are the D2's going to be continued being supported at least in the way they will be working with Traktor future 3 and upcoming 4 platforms? I'd hate to buy two more to only have them be simple midi controllers (which they work well for). Understanding eventually technology can't be supported easily due to advancing tech (RANE is a four letter word in my house in more than one way) - it would be nice to know I'd get a little life out of the units still.



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    I hope so… really looking forward to NI introducing live stems separation and making the most of them!!!

    By the way, I’m really curious to know which other software supports them, since I own a couple of D2s and I’ve always thought that they were only supported in Traktor! 👀

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    I’m also looking forward to real time stem separation. I have an Traktor S8 with plan to sell anytime soon. It’s a complete Traktor controller, for me anyway.

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    I've used Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox, Algorithm DJ Pro, and others I'm forgetting I'm sure. . . oddly enough - the one program I had never used but grabbed a demo of because of SC6000 compatibility was Virtual DJ. Amazing enough (and by accident) - I left my D2 plugged into my Rane MP2015 and it registered when I also had my Denon SC6000 plugged in. Thought it was a fluke but, nope! HID screen and all. I've mapped my D2's to other DJ software but never with feedback on the little screen. Nice thing - they offered me a deal that if I wanted to try a full license for a moth or two and buy straight out - they'd deduct the cost from the final bill. Not to talk up other brands or software on Traktor - I think every engine has it's benefits. I'll continue to use them all and collect different dj gear. I just wish each company with work with all the others and brands a bit better. It's sad

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    NI discontinnued D2/S5 long ago y S8 will be sooner or later.

    Traktor 4 will not be released soon and new hardware will be X1mk3 most probably. Traktor pro 3 will keep getting updates meanwhile Traktor 4 becomes ready but all the “class compliance mfi and Apple Silicon compatibility” (new silicon means different security polices and the need to rewrite drivers if not class compliant) makes a “no go” keep old hardware hardly updated. Expect new driver for AS (if NI wants to keep these) or fully discontinnuation of any “nom-class compliant device”!after Apple drops x86 platform.

    About realtime stems… don’t hold your breath neither. NI has lots of open battling fronts just with AS transition to get more “troubles” into the table. Groovebox deck was there from long ago (precisely for S8/D2/F1 controllers) with UI into the screens (less F1) and probanly the update will be like parallel waveforms aka “make visible which was already there”.

    Sorry for my repetition, I feel sometimes people don’t get what O said in the past and talk like “discovering the fire” later or just try to believe what they hope more than “clues” point.

    I hope to be wrong since I will love to see the same happening but to be coherent my advice will be “go Vdj route and stop waiting for miracles”

    If I don’t get a D2 myself is because it doesn’t work with iPads and DjPlayer+let’s unmix app are the cheapest path to standalone realtime dvs spleetered (non-realtime) stems…

    Reloop touch is the cheapest path to full Vdj version and these are around 300-500€ at wallapop (like craiglist)

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