Enter chords to quickly generate pop songs

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KONTAKT's guitar series can generate guitars through chords.

And some KONTAKT for strings.

So, I'm thinking why can't I just produce a song?

For example I choose a style, such as HIP HOP, rock or dance.

In short, I choose a pattern, and then generate a song based on the chords I input.

And can choose paragraphs, such as intro, chorus, and so on.

Then you can update the style from time to time. This can help many fans to quickly make DEMO music, and also allow everyone to understand the style of music.



  • Tony Jones
    Tony Jones Member Posts: 261 Pro

    So why can't you? Do you want the software to do it all for you? Have you seen Scaler 2?

  • swingmix
    swingmix Member Posts: 114 Member

    I don't want software to do everything for me.

    I just think NI technology can do it now.

    This can help save time, since good work requires constant trial and error.

    For example, if I have an idea and need to feel the chord progression, I will use it.

    Many NI products now have chord progressions, but they are all separated, such as guitar, bass, drums, and strings.

    So, can you make a combined one, and then produce a product according to the music style.

    For example, POP style, dance style, TRAP style

    This is a good thing, NI can make money and we can save time.

    We won't be left behind by technological advancements, we'll save time and make better work.

    Could it be that when there is a computer to make music, many people object to the computer, saying that you want to use the computer to do everything? Nor is it reasonable.

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