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  • Petrr be
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    Suddenly this lag issue...BUT i haven't changed ANYTHING neither to my setup nor speaker nor headphones... ******????

  • GreatUserName3042526
    GreatUserName3042526 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Jay. This worked for me!!

    I had an incredible delay/latency between Headphones and Bluetooth Speaker with 3.5mm Jack input (Soundcore Flare) Great small speaker, and I was using it as Main Out at home learning how to DJ but now I learned that it has so much latency that I can't use it in my setup 🕺 Very glad to find out that was the issue, and not something Software or Controller Hardware related (I noticed to same issue on S8, Z1 and Hercules Starlight, so I thought it was Traktor Software somehow creating the issue..

  • IXA
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    I hooked up my SONY SRS-XB43 speaker using the traktor output plug and there is a delay compare to the headphone output. I'm not using the bluetooth but I guess there is still a processor delay in it. Anoying...
  • lord-carlos
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