Listening to all instruments (1800 presets) in Absynth5

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 Sometimes when I do some music I randomly click on some instruments and after some minutes I find one I like to use on my project. I have not the time to listen to all instruments. Absynth 5 should have 1800 presets. This takes 3 hours listening by 6 Seconds for one preset.

As my other hobby is programming I did start to programme a software that makes mouse clicks and can repeat that up to 2000 times. So I make a video of that action and can listen to the presets on my sofa and if I find a sound I like can look at the screen an make notes of the name.

Demo Video with using the software and playing 50 Absynth presets.

Want to know if anyone finds that a useful idea or has some suggestions.




  • Jon Watte
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    That's pretty neat!

    It's true that one of the biggest problems with production today is that there's too much stuff to sort through. I often end up just making my own that is kinda in the right direction, which isn't as good as I could have found had I spent hours trawling through all the expansion packs -- but moving on with production rather than just browsing presets feels more important at the time.

  • Peter Harris
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    Very cool idea! I would love to see a YouTube for example with all the possible presets/premutations on Playbox. Would probably be 10 hours long but I love that kind of thing to put on in the background when I'm driving or cooking or in bed. Sounds like you do the same thing!

    I've actually been thinking it would be cool to produce a video for each expansion with all of the projects strung together, for the same reasons that I could listen to it in the background or just watch the structure of the projects on the video. Would you have any interest in working on something like that together?

  • schorsch
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    to Peter Harris,

    Hallo Peter,

    I have only some instruments that I could make a video from. Other instruments like Battery it is not possible to do this. I am currently struggling how to implement keyboard strokes into the software. As some play is better by keyboard (I mean the typing keyboard, not the music keyboard).

    The problem with my software is, that the mouse clicks run fully automatic. Software currently can record 99 mouse clicks and repeat this up to 2000 times. This unwatched can destroy the windows system worst case. Even interrupting is a bit difficult. Sometimes I have to log off and reboot the machine in order to stop that action. So I do not know yet if I can release that software.

    [It would be bad to use my software and find out that this software makes the windows music production machine unusable after use. Might be possible that this person would be a bit mad about me.]

    Playbox I do not have for example.

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