Komplete Kontrol Crashing Ableton Live

Pat Erns
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Hello again and thanks in advance!

KK standalone seems to be working fine so this could very well be a problem with Live.

I'm having the following issues when using Kontakt inside KK:

1) KK will randomly (1 in 5 times) cause Live to crash when I close the plugin window... This is a serious issue since I am using this for live performances.

2) Keyboard shortcuts not working to adjust Kontakt UI... I try C to close plugin chain and ctrl+3 to toggle edit view but these commands do nothing... also minor issue

3) When I manually close the plugin chain display at the top, sometime the black just stays there taking up space

4) KK graphics bug where it just barely grows and shrinks as if flickering.. minor problem but strange

I'm running windows 11 on an Intel 11th gen and Nvidia


  • johnhlz
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    Your 1. problem is the same issue I am having. Plugin crashes when you collapse it. Im still 20+ responses deep in support with no real solve solution or anything to be hopeful for currently.

  • Pat Erns
    Pat Erns Member Posts: 17 Member

    John, I can tell you that in order to get to the bottom of this issue, I purchased downloaded Bitwig to test it in there and it has been running fine for two weeks now. From what I can tell it is more of an Ableton problem.... Also, Bitwig hosts plugins in such a way that even if they do crash, it doesn't crash Bitwig so you can almost always know whether it is the plugin failing or Bitwig... I'm not saying this to stir controversy between DAWs but in order to defend Native Instruments.

  • johnhlz
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    Ableton didnt launch KK 3 or the S-series MK3, andNI advertises this as an integrated Ableton controller.

    Ableton is not responsible for KK plugins to work properly for their customers, the person who develops the plugin does.

    Im not going to change DAWS over a s49 keyboard as everyother plugin works in Abelton besides KK. I own Ableton Suite with all the bells and whistles, would be foolish to spite all that for KK and a free DAW

  • johnhlz
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    I have returned to say that @Matthew_NI took my sad and mad self, lulled me into a trance, scanned my computer, sent it to the Boys in Berlin, and they recreated my hardware, found the issue, did some genius things and then boom my computer got a patch and it ended up solving my issue.

    I was about to give up on NI and while I had a horrible start, NI will actually take a look into it if it can't be solved through support and they will figure out a patch to solve it.

    I can finally play my Kontrol S49 through KK without my DAW crashing. It's a beautiful thing.

    @Matthew_NI is good at what he does. I don't even have the patience to deal with me, yet he did.

    I told him I could kiss him.

  • Matthew_NI
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    edited January 29


    Really and truly I did nothing - but proud to say the team got to the bottom of it. The patch hotfix to this issue has just been released, and should be rolling out to download servers over the next 24 hours (some of you may see it before others).

    @johnhlz thanks for helping us track it down. It likely prevented others running into the issue.

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