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“Hello, is there a way to force the re-download of an instrument? Native Access only offers me the option to reinstall but it bugs every time (installation does not finish), I think the downloaded compressed files are corrupted.”

“Where are the temporary download files for Native Access located in Windows 11 ?”

« Bonjour, y a-t-il un moyen de forcer le retéléchargement d’un instrument ? Native Access ne m’offre que la possibilité de réinstaller mais ça bug à chaque fois (l’installation ne se termine pas), je pense que les fichiers compressés téléchargés sont corrompus.

« Où se trouvent les fichiers de téléchargement temporaires pour Native Access dans Windows 11 ? »


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    On Windows I believe you can uninstall the library using Windows "Apps & Features"

    Start -> Settings > Apps > Apps & features. Then try downloading again. Depending on the issue, you may have to go back in and manually delete certain files or folders.

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    in fact I have already tried, I cannot uninstall it since the installation did not finish, I also manually deleted the few installed files, I also have to put NTKdeamonsservice at the end of the task in the services window, I would like to be able to purge the corrupt installation file and re-download it (this concerns "session guitarist-electric mint") are there keyboard shortcuts to force the download of an instrument in native access?

    en effet j'ai déjà essayé , je ne peux pas le désinstaller puisque l'instalation ne ce fini pas, j'ai également suprimé manuellement les quelques fichiers installés, je suis également obliger de mettre en fin de tache NTKdeamonsservice dans les sevices window, j'aimerai pouvoir purger le fichier d'instalation corrompu et le re-télécharger ( cela concerne "session guitarist-electric mint " ) est ce qu'il y a des racourcis clavier pour forcer le téléchargement d'un instrument dans native access ?

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    When you select reinstall in Native Access, it always downloads an ISO file, windows mounts the ISO for install and then N.A. installs it and then deletes the ISO when install is complete. The ISO is in your default download folder. Open that folder and you will see the process. So once install starts, copy the iso to another location. Then you can manually mount it and then install like any software. N.A. cannot delete it until the copy is complete. Then you can reinstall and uninstall in Windows Apps.

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