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Hi i got a K14 upgrade when i bought a S88mk2. But Kontakt 7 runs in player mode i can,t add more than one instrument at a time and i cannot edit anything. Even though it says Full licence on the splash screen. I am struggling to understand what i have bought. Does GR7 come with K14 because that is also a demo.

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    VIEW -> Rack view will return you back to the classic rack view where you can load multiple instruments etc.

    Notice the orange strip when an instrument is selected. Currently in Kontakt 7.7. if you have a selected instrument any other instrument you load will replace the selected one (just like it would if you did it from mk3 keyboard. So you can either click in the empty part of the rack to unselect the instrument, then whatever you load next will be added, or you can just drag&drop a new instrument in the empty part of the rack and it will also be added, instead of replaced.

    In K7.8 (coming next month) there will be an option for this behavior.


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