All projects missing presets after update to KK/Kontakt7

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99% of my projects is using Kontakt embeded in KOMPLETE KONTROL plugin (as I have KK keyboard). After recent upgrade to KOMPLETE 14 (which includes upgrade of Kontakt to version 7) all my projects (in Ableton Live 11) lost their presets. Another words in place of an old KK I see new KK with embeded Kontakt7, but the preset on the track is lost.

I wasted humongous amount of time trying to update my projects and I am barely at 20%. Super tired and frustrated. If I open older prject (ie. from 3-6 months ago) I am able to update some of the KK presets manually, but not all. while doing all this Ableton keeps crashing very often, making updates evben more miserable.

I do all kind of tricks learned on-line from other users and slowly making progress, but doing so will take me another 2 or more weeks to get everything updated.

There is no problem or issue with new projects, new tracks etc. All the problems are related to older projects which used Kontakt5 or 6 (mostly).

To make things even worse KOMPLETE KONTROL got no update at all and really, really sucks ! If I bring new KK to the existing track I can see the fragment of the preset name in the very top field , but for some reason developer (who should be fired for this) made this field super short so it is impossible to guess the preset name.

Another wired thing is that I still see Kontakt5 and 6 on my plugin list in KK. Why the project does not open a KK version which was used but rather opens up KK+Kontakt7 ?

I paid $600 for the Komplete upgrade and I am super dissastified. To be honest the only benefit for me is the KONTAKT7 Zoom feature which finally allows me to use the Libs which were previously completely unreadable (on GUI).

In a next few days I will test the same on my studio One projects to see if this would be the same problem.

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS KK and KONTAKT development is the biggest dissapointment ever. while NI libs are great the main product sicks :-(

Kontakt should be dead long time ago and replaced with some new modern engine. It feels like 300 year old man who is forcibly kept alive by some ignorant.


I wonder if everybody else is experiencing the same issue OR have a solution ?


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    I´m facing the same problem with studio one, obviously VST 2 support is not implemented any more. I´m still working on it, there seems to be a workaround of any kind. Somewhere I´ve seen, that you can downgrade to have your old version again. All in all a very poor performance. I upgraded to Komplete 14 two days ago and fully regret it. If I had known what was to come I really had avoided it. Also file-handling is somewhat ******. Before you had all your libraries in KK, now certain Kontakt libraries cannot be loaded and vice versa, although Kontakt seems to be part of KK? Perhaps a fast shot to get it out before christmas.

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    What is that? Can´t one even say, that your stuff is ******? It´s x´d out..

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    By VST2 support are you wanting a VST2 version of KK3 or for KK3 to support VST2? The latter is still there, it is only a VST2 version of KK3 that is gone (like many other plugins these days), but you can still add the path to VST2 plugins in KK3 and it will load them (provided it is in Rosetta mode or the host is on Mx Macs)

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    Kymeia - you don't seem to understand the problem. I can load new peatches, but when I open old project (ableton) with a track with KK that object in Ableton device list is disabled. I then try to place a new instance of KK on this same track. Once the old instance is replaced with new I can see the fragment of the patch name at the top. It is only a fragment because some idio decided to make this field so super short.

    In some cases I can go and do a search and I locate the patch, load it and I am fine. But in many cases the patch name is trucated to the point that I see hundtreds of patches with the same fragment of the string, and then I am in trouble wasting time and guessing what patch was used.

    This is absolutely insane. First NI should make the patch name field at least twice longer. Second the patch names should be revised and shortened (there is no need to keep 250 long strings).

    Third: I am looking for some method of retrieving patch names --- that's all. Itis not about replacing VST2 with VST3 etc... All I need to know what is the missing patch name, I can then quickly even add a new track with KK and reopen correct patch. So far I see no easy motehod for this and huess work takes way to much time.

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    I was responding to We Ha’s post, not yours. Also I was just asking for clarification because there was some ambiguity in how their problem was articulated.

  • aka
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    I just discovered that KK 3+ will not support MK1 keyboards anymore (which I have). Very upsetting information. Anybody knows where I can download KK v2.8 which (as they stated) works with those keyboards ?

    I have filed a ticket with NI but of course no response of any kind after a week (and that's after spending $600 on an upgrade).

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    Trust us, you likely want to stick with v2.9 anyway at the moment so I wouldn't worry about v3 not being compatible, v2 works just fine (many would say far better than v3)

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    Installing versions is really one big mess. In my NA I have no choice of the KK version, though I have choice of Kontakt version. I noticed that KK v2.9 works OK on a single track, single layer instrument.

    I remember however that there was a special procedure for KK to install to be able to have KK update correctly on multiple tracks and update correctly the plugin settings in multilayer tracks and interact correctly with the keyboard selector as well (at least for Ableton).

    Now I am also using Studio One , so all of this gets even more complex and messy.

    When the KK was loaded on the empty track in Ableton there was an extra slider ... etc... I do not know if this is still needed or not. I use Komplete Keyboard MK1. I do not even see anymore entry for MK1 in Ableton. Not sure how this supposed to be setup after those updates.

    Since there is no way to disable updating KK in Native Access, there is always a risk of accidently installin higher version and creating even bigger mess. I have already gone through the downgrading process and it was huge waste of time. Now I am still unsure if KK is installed to work as expected.

    Thee reason for loosing my presets was that NA installed most recent KK, most recent KONTAKT and without asking me for permission replaced those in the existing projects. That is super frustrating and caused me wasting tons of time trying to fixed the missing presets. On top of that the super short field for preset name caused even more frustration.

    Should KK v.29 be treated and installed the same way as previous version ? Do I need to install those scripts etc ? I was able to plant Kontakt 7 inside KK v2.9 but this has bo be done manually. I was lucky that Ableton uses instrument racks so the prebuilt rack can be saved, but otherwise it would be a pain on the but.

    Now iwth correct KK version and Kontakt7 embeded I will see what happens with my existing project. I do not want to even think about loosing patches and presets again.

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