Is there an easy way to change the colour, contrast etc. of an official Kontakt library?

el-bo Member Posts: 35 Member

I have a library that causes me viewing difficulty. I used to have two issues with it. One was the size. However that has been solved using it in K7 player (Also, messing around with a newer 4K screen also offers bigger on-screen view options). The problem I still have with this GUI is the contrast between the background colour and the colour of the objects and fonts.

I did actually talk to the developer about these issues, but they didn't seem convinced of the necessity. From memory, they mightve said they'd consider offering options, but that was a long while back.

The library doesn't seem to be locked in any way, so I thought there might be a pretty easy way to adjust the colour and contrast an then save it as a new nki.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


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