Anyone know if there is software to convert these XY touch pads into OSC or MIDI.

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These are common computer touch pads, Some might be pressure sensitive, Looking to assign it as a midi controller. Was hoping NI had a software package for this.



  • Paule
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    Hey Al, please attach one of your MIDI control files in this thread.

    Which is the commercial genious to save X/Y from a hardware pad?

    Do you own a link?

    Al, are that the same data like you use an x/y pad on a laptop?

    If yes, you can record these data in a daw and send back with a midi cc# filter. Then save it.

  • Studiowaves
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    Paule, these pads work like laptop mouse pads. I wanted to use the X axis for midi volume and the Y axis for the mod wheel. These sell for about 50 US dollars but don't have software to convert to midi. The come with software that moves the mouse pointer up and down. I'm pretty sure it could be done but not by me, maybe Chet S would know, he is a computer programmer. Thanks for the response.

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